Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Flowers of Chicory/菊苣花/치커리꽃

Chicory is one of the vegetables that I like to use it as the ingredient for salad. Have you ever seen the flower of chicory, share with you that I took it from my weekend farm.
菊苣是我喜欢采的蔬菜,用它来作为沙拉的材料之一 。 您可曾观赏过其花朵? 与您分享我从周末农场所拍摄的花朵。

                                 This  chicory is also called curly endive.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Flower of Spring Onion / 青葱花 / 쪽파 꽃

Spring onion or scallion is a very common ingredient for cooking. Share with you the beautiful flowers of spring onion ~~
青葱是料理中非常普片的材料之一。 与您分享漂亮的青葱花~~