Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Dal-Go-Na "달고나

"Dal-Go-Na "달고나 " Others
2014/05/16 13:14

Dear friends, if you have a chance to visit Korea, try to experience the fun of eating " Dal-Go-Na". " Dal-Go-Na " is a Korean sweet made from melted sugar and baking soda. It is a type of snack, where you have to eat or trim your way around an outline or picture on the snack, with the object being not to break the picture. It is available from the street vendors...
朋友们,若您有机会到韩国来,不妨尝试这 “ Dal-Go-Nal” 的街边甜食小玩意。“Dal-Go-Na” 是一种在加热后的白糖内,加了食用苏打粉所做成小甜食。乘热的时候,在糖块上印上各种图案;然后再沿着图案的边沿,小心的剥开,取出图案。。。。

If you want to make it one for yourself, you can buy the Dal-go-na maker set from the following website:
如果您想尝试做一做,可在以下的网站买到有关的道具 :

                               This is the traditional way to make "Dal-Go-Na"...

The following pictures are the  ready made "Dal-Go-Na" from the street vendors. Not much fun, the traditional game is more interesting...
以下的照片都是小贩们所卖已做好的 “Dal-Go-Na”,还是传统游戏方式做出来的比较有趣。。

Thursday, May 8, 2014

레드향" red-de-hiang"

This is one of the tangerines from Jeju Island, we call it 레드향 "red-de-hiang". Is sweet and juicy...

这是其中之一来自济州岛的柑,我们称它为 "red-de-hiang"。果肉甜又多果汁。。。

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

“Songpyeon ”/송편/松糕 (2)

“Songpyeon ”/송편/松糕 Korean Rice Cake
2014/05/08 15:55

" Chusok/추석/秋夕" or Korean Thanksgiving Day, one of the biggest national holidays of the year。 For centuries, it has been common to see an entire Korean family sitting around kneading " songpyeon"( a form of tteok or rice cake) while chatting happily,just one or two days before celebrating this holiday.

"Songpyeon/송편/松糕“ is a stuffed "tteok". Depending on the region, some places use potato or sweet potato starch to make songpyeon instead of rice grains. the ingredients used  to stuff the songpyeon also vary from family to family. Some put red beans,chestnut,jujube or sesame seeds.

There are stories that have passed from generation to generation about the making of songpyeon  :

For the mum or grandma, will tell the grand daughter,  " you  will get a beautiful child if you makes the songpyeon in beautiful shape".

For the unmarried, they can find a beautiful wife or a handsome husband when the songpyeon they make has a beautiful shape......

华族赏月饼过中秋,韩族则吃松饼/songpyeon庆“秋夕”(韩国人称中秋节为 “秋夕”/Chusok/추석),这是一年内最大的节日之一。历经了多少个世纪,依旧可以见到韩国人,在“秋夕”的前一日或二日,家庭的成员们都会围绕的坐在一起,一边做松饼,必变谈笑风生。

"Songpyeon/송편/松糕“是米糕的一种。依地区而异,有些地区的居民用马玲薯粉或蕃薯粉做面团,一般上的家庭都用米粉。 内陷也有差异,有些是用红豆,栗子,红枣或芝麻。

一代传一代,流传了有关“松饼”的故事:老一辈的妇人家,都会对晚辈女儿家说 ”手儿巧,搓个美松饼,将来好生个漂亮的娃娃 “。


rice powder 6 cups ( soak the rice in the water for 6,7 hours,drain,grind it )
warm water 8 Tsp ( because the witness of freshly ground powder  is not always the same,we need to adjust the amount of water that is added)
sesame seed 1 cup
brown sugar 1/2 cup
sesame oil,a little
raspberry powder ./ juice, a little
artemisia  vulgaris ( also known as mugwort/ common wormwood)  powder, a little

Method :
1) Divide the rice powder into 4 portions,mix the rice powder with warm water and the raspberry powde/juice, mugwort powder respectively,the other one is white colour.Knead the dough until it is soft and smooth

2) Cut the dough into small balls,make a hole on the center and fill with sesame seed(mixed with brown sugar). Shape the ball into a half moon and seal well by pinching together edges

3)  Put the Songpyeon into a bamboo steamer, steam for about 20 minutes. When it is ready cooked, rinse with cold water,take it out from the water immediately. Brush it with sesame oil. ( If you can get the pine needle or pine leaf, place it one the steamer before you put in the songpyeon).

米粉 6 杯 (将白米泡在水中 6,7个小时后,濾乾水份,磨成粉状)
温水 8 Tsp (若粉团太干,可多加一些)
芝麻 1 杯
黄糖 1/2 杯

1) 将粉团分成4 份,分别加入覆盆子汁/粉,艾草粉,另一份则是白色,加入温水,搓成团

2) 将芝麻稍压碎,加入黄糖,做馅用

3) 将上述的粉团分成小粒状,擀成圆形,放入馅料,再将它捏成半圆形状。照片中的松饼表面有花朵,不放也可

4) 锅内的水沸滚后,放上蒸笼,在蒸笼内放入松叶或纱布,然后将松饼放在上面,蒸约20 分钟(若有松叶,则铺一层在蒸笼上,然后才放入松饼)

5) 蒸好的松饼,放入冷水里,马上取出,涂上麻油.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

떡쌈시대 " Tteok Ssam Si Tae "

떡쌈시대 " Tteok Ssam Si Tae " Food Tour
2014/05/06 18:53

Dear friends, have you ever tasted the "Samgyeapsal"(pork belly)  together with the rice cake (Tteok ) ?
亲爱的朋友们,您可曾以三层肉( Samgyeapsal)和韩式米糕 ( Tteok) 一起享用 ?

Place a piece of grilled pork belly ,kimchi etc on a thin rice cake,wrap it.
Is this new for you ?
将已烤好的的三层肉,泡菜等,放在一片薄薄的韩式米糕上,然后将它包卷起来。 这吃法是否是很新鲜呢 ?

                                 Place the" Samgyeapsal",onions, potatoes ,kimchi on the grill...
                                 将三层肉,洋葱,马铃薯,泡菜 放在烤盘上烤。。。

Dipping sauces : red pepper sauce,fillet sauce,soy sauce,perilla powder, bean powder.. 
酱料 : 辣椒酱,猪排酱,酱清, 紫苏籽粉,黄豆粉。。。

                                 Grill the "Samgyeapsal" till well done...

This is the restaurant " Tteok Sam Si Tae/떡쌈시대"  that I was invited to have dinner...
受邀前往这家餐馆“Tteok Sam Si Tae/떡쌈시대” 用晚餐。。。