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"Dal-Go-Na "달고나

"Dal-Go-Na "달고나 " Others
2014/05/16 13:14

Dear friends, if you have a chance to visit Korea, try to experience the fun of eating " Dal-Go-Na". " Dal-Go-Na " is a Korean sweet made from melted sugar and baking soda. It is a type of snack, where you have to eat or trim your way around an outline or picture on the snack, with the object being not to break the picture. It is available from the street vendors...
朋友们,若您有机会到韩国来,不妨尝试这 “ Dal-Go-Nal” 的街边甜食小玩意。“Dal-Go-Na” 是一种在加热后的白糖内,加了食用苏打粉所做成小甜食。乘热的时候,在糖块上印上各种图案;然后再沿着图案的边沿,小心的剥开,取出图案。。。。

If you want to make it one for yourself, you can buy the Dal-go-na maker set from the following website:
如果您想尝试做一做,可在以下的网站买到有关的道具 :

                               This is the traditional way to make "Dal-Go-Na"...

The following pictures are the  ready made "Dal-Go-Na" from the street vendors. Not much fun, the traditional game is more interesting...
以下的照片都是小贩们所卖已做好的 “Dal-Go-Na”,还是传统游戏方式做出来的比较有趣。。

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