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"Omija Cha/Omija Tea"/오미자 차 /五味子茶

                                         We can add in the pear  for this tea before serve.

                                                       Fresh Omija berries

                       We also can add in the pine nuts for this tea before serve.

 In Korea, the Schisandra  Chinensis is called " Omija", in Chinese  is  “五味子”。

This name comes from the fact that these berries possess all five flavors: sweet,sour,salty, spicy and bitter.

In Korea, we do use these berries to make wine and tea. We call it " Omija Su (Omija wine) and " Omija Cha (Omija Tea).

We can either serve it as cold drink or hot drink. In Korea, summer is the harvest season for Omija, we can either use the fresh berries or dried berries to make the Omija syrup for tea. From my experience, the color of Omija tea is more beautiful if you use the dried omija, it will be pink or red color; while the fresh one will be brown color.

The Omija syrup or tea is available at the Korean supermarket. If you want to make the syrup by yourself, you can buy the dried omija from the oriental drug stores,where Chinese medicines or herbs are available there.

In Korea, housewives  like to let their children to drink omija tea as tonic medicine, especially for those candidates who are going to sit the examination.

“五味子”,学名是 Schisandra Chinensis; 在韩文,被称为 “ Omija”。


在韩国,我们用它来做成“五味子酒/ Omija Su"” 或 “五味子茶/Omija Cha".



How to use the the fresh omija to make the syrup for tea  ?

Ingredients: fresh omija berries 500 g, sugar 1000 g or honey 700 g

Method :

1. Wash the fresh  berries, rinse and drain.

2. Put one layer of sugar at the bottom of the glass container, place one layer of omija berries on top of the sugar...Repeat this process till well done.

3. Close the lid of the glass container. Ferment it for at least 3 months.

4. After 3 months, remove the omija berries from the syrup. Keep it in the fridge for storage.

5. You may use 4 Tsp of omija syrup and 160 cc of water ( either cold or hot water) to make a cup of omija tea.

How to use the dried omija berries to make omija tea ?

Ingredients : 1/2 cup of dried omija berries , water l.5 L

Method :

1. Boil the l.5 L of water. Set aside till it is not hot. ( If you use the mineral water, then no need to boil the water).

2. Put the dried omija berries in the water and soak it for 24 hours.

3. Remove the omija berries from the water.

4. Add in the sugar or honey, it depends on your taste.

5. Keep it in the fridge for consumption.

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