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"Sundae Guk"/순대국/猪肠汤

If you really want to enjoy the good taste of "Sundae guk", you must add in this ingredients before you taste it,chopped green onion,green pepper, red pepper powder,Korean shrimp sauce(새우젓) and perilla powder. (For my family, we like to add in at least one or two table spoons of perilla powder for each bowl of soup,that is the real taste of this soup)

" Sundae", is a Korea dish made generally by boiling of steaming cow or pig's intenstine that are stuffed with various ingredients.

Sundae can be made with seafood such as o-jing-o sundae ( 오징어 순대 squid sundae) and myeongdae sundae ( 명태 순대 Alaska pollock sundae).

The most common type of sundae is made of pig's intenstine stuffed with "dangmyeon",pork blood, although some variants also contain perilla leaves, scallions, glutinous rice, kimchi and soybean sprouts.

"Sundae-guk"(순대국) soup-like dish made with sundae, sometimes it includes fatty pieces intestine ( "gopchang"),liver, lungs,bit of cartilage and meat.

糯米腸 或簡稱為米腸,是一種米類小吃,見於廣東潮汕地區台灣朝鮮半島等地,將調味後的糯米塞入洗淨後的豬大腸,成為攜帶方便的糯米腸,亦稱為米腸大腸



(资料来源 : 百科全书)

"Sundae" ( please pronounce "sun" as "soon" ).

Today, I cook this dish by using the beef bone soup,we call it " Gomtang/곰탕" and add in the sundae. "Gomtang" made with various beef parts such as ribs, oxtail,brisket,ox's head or ox bones by slow simmering on a low flame,we may even cook it for one of two days. The broth of " Gomtang" tends to have a milky colour with a rich and hearty taste.

Sundae is a very common and popular snack in Korea, is available at the snack corner,supermarket or street vendor. Both fresh and frozen sundae are available in the market. Normally, Korean do not make sundae at home.

“Sundae",请将 sun,以 “soon” 来发音。

今天,我是用了牛骨汤来作上汤,然后加入 sundae。这牛骨汤,韩文称为 “gomtang”,有的是用牛骨,牛排骨,牛尾,牛头,牛骨等部位,以小火,经长时间所熬出的汤。花上一两天的时间去熬也不足为奇。 汤呈乳白色。

“Sundae”,在韩国是非常普遍的小食。在小食店,超市或街边小贩摊位都可买得到。在市场上都可买到新鲜或冰冻的。一般上,韩国人都不在家做这 sundae。

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