Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grill the dotted gizzard shad/전어구이/烤海鯽仔

Konosirus punctatus, the Dotted gizzard shad, is a species of fish that occurs in the west Pacific Ocean along the Asian coast. .
In Japan the adult fish is called konoshiro while the younger are called kohada (or shinko). The young catch are pickled in vinegar, and subsequently used standalone or as a neta for sushi. The silvery skin with dotted marking is kept on when used as sushi or su-jime, although the epidermis (usukawa or "thin skin") may or may not be peeled away.

In Korea, we either grill or eat it in raw,etc. There is a legend in Korea..
  • 전어 굽는 냄새가 하도 고소해서 시집을 버리고 나가던 며느리가 마음을 돌려 돌아온다는 뜻으로, 전어가 대단히 맛이 좋음을 이르는 말.

    this means that in ancient Korea, when the daughter-in-law intended to escape from house or the daughter-in-law had left the family, when she smelt the smell while the mother-in-law was grilling the fish, she would return home without hesitating. This indicates that how delicious this fish is.....^-^

    窩斑鰶,俗名扁屏仔、油魚、海鯽仔,為輻鰭魚綱鯡形目鯡科的其中一. 本魚分布西北太平洋區,包括日本台灣中國東海南海香港等海域


    在韩国,韩国人喜欢煎烤或当生鱼片吃等料理法。 其中也有一段传说 。。。。

    “已离家出走的媳妇或打算离家出走的媳妇,在闻到家婆在煎烤窩斑鰶,俗名扁屏仔、油魚、海鯽仔的香味时,会情不自禁返回家门或打消离家出走的念头。 言外之意,是指这鱼有多美味。。。。

    Konosirus punctatus / the Dotted gizzard shad
    cooking oil


    1. Remove the intestine of fish, wash ,drain and rinse.

    2. Sprinkle some salt on it.

    3. Put some cooking oil on the pan ,grill until golden brown colour. 

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