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" Kang doen-jang" Spicy Soybean Paste Stew/辣豆酱/강된장

" Kang doen-jang" Spicy Soybean Paste Stew/辣豆酱/강된장 Soup And Stew
2013/07/10 17:51

I believe that those friends who like Korean food, they know how to cook the "Deon Jang Jji Gae".This is another dish by using the deon-jang (soybean paste) ,it is rather  sticky if compared with deon-jang jji gae, we may use it to stir/mix with the rice when we eat or use a piece of lettuce, place the rice on top of it and put a spoon of "kang deon-jang" on the top of the rice, these are how we enjoy this dish.....
我深信那些喜爱韩食的朋友们都会煮韩式豆酱汤(deon jang jji gae)。 这是另一道采用韩式豆酱所煮的菜肴,这道菜比豆酱汤来的浓,我们会用它来拌饭吃或者拿一片生菜,上面放一团饭,在饭团上再放上一汤匙的辣豆酱,这就是我们的吃法。。。。

Use the kelp and dried anchovy to prepare the broth

Use about 380 ml water to boil with the kelp and anchovy..
用 380 ml 的水和昆布,江鱼子煮上汤。。。

Part of the ingredients : tofu,potatoes,onion,green pepper,spring onion and garlic..
其中一部分的材料 : 豆腐,马铃薯,洋葱,青睐椒,青葱 安东蒜头。。

King trumpet mushroom...

When the broth is boiling , put in the potatoes,mushroom,onion,green pepper,garlic,green onion...
Pour the broth in the clay pot,when it is boiling, put in the all the ingredients and the soybean paste & red pepper paste..cook until the potatoes turn soft and the broth has been reduced too..a little bit "sticky".

Ingredients :
Korean soybean paste 55 g
Korean red pepper paste 25 g
tofu 230 g
1 big potato
1 big king trumpet mushroom
5  green spicy  pepper ( In Korea, we have spicy green pepper and not spicy green pepper, should use the spicy green pepper)
1/2 of the big onion
minced garlic 1 Tsp
green onion 2 Tsp

for preparing the broth: (  Boil it for about 8 minutes )
l piece of kelp/dasima/kombu 6 x 6 cm
6 pieces of anchovy
380 ml of water

Method :

1. Cut the potato,tofu,onion,mushroom in  small cube form; slice the green pepper,chop the green onion.

2. Prepare the broth, boil it for about 8 minutes, remove the kelp and anchovy.

3.  Pour the broth in the clay pot, with medium heat. When it is boiling, put in all the ingredients and the soybean paste & red pepper paste...cook until the potatoes turn soft and the broth has  been reduced too, a little bit "sticky".

韩式豆酱 55 g
韩式辣椒酱 25 g
豆腐 230 g
1 粒 大马铃薯
1 粒 大杏鲍菇
5 条青辣椒 (韩国的青辣椒有两种,一种是辣的,一种是不辣的,须采用辣的)
1/2 粒 大洋葱
蒜蓉 1 Tsp
青葱 2 Tsp

上汤材料: ( 煮大约 8 分钟)
一片昆布  约 6 x 6 cm
6 只 江鱼子
380 ml 水

方法 :

1. 将马铃薯,豆腐,洋葱,蘑菇切成小方块状 ; 将青辣椒切成片状,青葱切粒状,

2. 准备上汤,煮约 8 分钟,取出昆布和江鱼子,只取汤。

3. 将上汤倒入瓷锅内,中火烹调。当上汤滚的时候,加入所有的材料,豆酱和辣椒酱。。煮至马铃薯变软,上汤也变浓就行了。。。。


Ann Low said...

This looks very delicious and sounds easy to cook. Will definitely try one day. Thanks for sharing :)

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Dear Ann, really very easy to cook!

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Dear Kam, I will try your recipe. It seams to me wonderful. Long time without news from you dear friend.
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Dear Maria,
I am fine,thanks....