Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Beondegi"/ 蠶蛹 / 번데기

Dear friends, will you try to eat this snack from the street vendors?^-^. In Korean we call it "Beondegi" /번데기

亲爱的朋友们,您会乐于尝尝这街边小食吗 ?^-^。 在韩文,我们称它为 "Beondegi" /번데기。

蠶蛹为蚕到蚕蛾蜕变的中间状态,油炸蠶蛹是一道菜餚,是下酒的佐菜。“清水蠶蛹湯”,有養顏健腎之效。蠶蛹中含有一種廣譜免疫物質,可治療高血壓、高血脂、慢性肝炎,並可防治癌症。中医认为,蚕蛹性平味甘,具有祛风、健脾、止消渴、镇惊安神、益精助阳等功效。蠶蛹約在5-15天後孵出。(质料来源:wikipedia )

Beondegi (Korean번데기) is a snack food in Korean cuisine. Literally meaning "chrysalis" or "pupa" in Korean, Beondegi are steamed or boiled silkwormpupae which are seasoned and eaten as a snack. Beondegi are often served by street vendors, as well as in restaurants and drinking establishments. They are also sold in cans in grocery stores and convenience stores, but they must be boiled in water before serving. Beondegi is not always sold in the market and is usually sold from street vendors, although it is possible to buy the live variant for personal preparation.(source: wikipedia)

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