Sunday, October 23, 2016

Homemade "Dotorimuk"(Acorn Jelly)/橡子凉粉/도토리묵

"Dotorimuk"/Acorn jelly is easy available at the supermarket in Korea. This was my first attempt to make the acorn jelly ^-^ I went to the mountain  for collecting the acorns which was about 5 minutes walk from my house. Squirrels love acorns.
“  Dotorimuk"?Acorn Jelly/橡子凉粉,在韩国的超市都很容易可以买到。 这是我第一次尝试做橡子凉粉 ^-^. 我到离我家约5分钟徒步时间就可抵达的山上去捡橡子。松鼠特别喜爱吃橡子。

Dotorimuk (also spelled tot'orimuk) or acorn jelly is a Korean food which is a jelly made from acorn starch. Although "muk" means "jelly", when used without qualifiers, it usually refers to dotorimuk. The practice of making dotorimuk originated in mountainous areas of ancient Korea, when abundant oaktrees produced enough acorns each autumn to become a viable source of food. Like other mukdotorimuk is most commonly eaten in the form ofdotorimuk muchim (도토리묵무침), a side dish in which small chunks of dotorimuk are seasoned and mixed with other ingredients such as slivered carrots and scallions, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, red chili pepper powder, and sesame seeds.
Despite being a rich source of starch and proteins, acorns contain large amounts of tannins and other polyphenols, which prevent the human body from digesting them properly. Harvested acorns must be properly leached of the tannins prior to consumption. Acorns are either collected directly from the ground or knocked off the trees branches. The acorns are opened and their innards ground into a fine orange-brown paste. The paste is then stirred into vats of water and the acorns' fiberis separated from the starch through sieving and settling The starch-water mixture is collected and allowed to sit so that the tannins in the starch diffuse into the water, which is changed several times. The overall soaking time depends on the amount of tannins in the paste.
The now tannin-free starch-water suspension should have an off-white colour. This starch is allowed to completely settle at the bottom of the vat, the water drained away and the paste collected in trays to dry. The dried starch cake is then pulverized and packaged for sale. Dotorimuk is also commercially available in powdered form, which must be mixed with water, boiled until pudding-like in consistency, then set in a flat dish. ( source: wikipedia)

I went to the mountain for about 3 times, collected about 12 kg of acorns from the mountain~~
我前后到山上3次, 捡了 12公斤的橡子~~

                Collected the acorns one by one from the ground, was really very tired ~~
                一粒一粒的从地面上将橡子捡起来, 蛮累的~~


                               These were part of the acorns collected~~

Washed the acorns before either dried it under the sun or by using dehydrator~~
将橡子洗干净, 在还未在阳光下晒干或风干之前~~

Thanks my husband for helping me this process, otherwise, I would be exhausted^-^

                             Water drained away, got the acorn starch~~

                                     Acorn jelly ~~

                              Another shape of the acorn jelly made~~

                                         Unseasoned acorn jelly~~

                            Fresh and delicious, homemade  "dotorimuk"~~

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