Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Weekend Farm/周末农场 /주말농장 ...13th November 2016

Autumn is the season for making kimchi ! Harvested the Chinese cabbages and radishes from my weekend farm to make kimchi ~
秋天,是做泡菜的季节 ! 将周末农场的白萝卜,圆菜头和大白菜收割,做了泡菜!!

Not only the Chinese cabbages kimchi, I did make the radish leaves kimchi~~

                             Part of the radishes from the farm~~

                              Chinese cabbages from the weekend farm~~

                              Turnip and the radish/圆菜头~~

                              Chinese cabbage/大白菜~~




                       Turnip, after peeling the skin/圆菜头,除去了表皮之后~~

                           The weather is getting cold, bring the lettuces home ~~

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