Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Sansuyu"/Cornelian cherries/山茱萸/산수유

Dear friends, spring is around the corner! Share with you the beautiful cornelian cherries flowers in Korea. 
In Korean it is known as sansuyu (산수유), in Chinese as shān zhū yú (山茱萸) and in Japanese as sanshuyu (サンシュユ).(source:wikipedia)

We have the "Sansuyu" Festival in Gurye ( 구례) from 18th Mar to 26th Mar this year ~~

Cornus officinalis is a species of dogwood known also as Japanese cornel or Japanese cornelian cherry or Cornelian cherries, not to be confused with C. mas, which is also known as the "Cornelian cherry." The correct term would be Korean cornel dogwood or Chinese cornel dogwood since the flower originated from Korea and China.
山茱萸(学名:Cornus officinalis),山茱萸科落叶灌木或小乔木。其成熟果实为中药,别名山萸肉、药枣、枣皮、蜀酸枣、肉枣、薯枣、鸡足、实枣、萸肉、天木籽、山芋肉、实枣儿、山萸。
(source: wikipedia)

In China, Japan and Korea where it is used as a food plant and as a medicinal plant.
Cornelian cherry juices are rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, and copper. Compared to other juices obtained from plum, pear, and apple, Cornelian cherry juice contained higher levels of dietary minerals(source:wikipedia)

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