Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Green Onion Kimchi/青葱泡菜/파김치

Dear friends, Spring/green  onions kimchi, is it very new to you....Harvested the spring onions from my weekend farm and made this kimchi ~~


 spring onions 1 kg
Korean anchovy sauce, we call it "멸치액젓"
glutinous rice paste 1 cup
red pepper powder 1 cup
ginger 4 tsp, minced
garlic 1/2 cup, minced
sesame seeds 2 Tsp
sugar , to taste

1. Wash the spring onions, rinse and drain.

2. After that, put in on a flat dish,  sprinkle 1/2 cup of anchovy sauce on top of it, marinate it for about one hour.  Must turn the spring onion for 1 or twice during this process.  Remove the anchovy sauce from the spring onion, set aside.

3. Add in the red pepper powder, the anchovy sauce that was removed from step (2), add in another 1/2 cup of anchovy sauce,garlic,ginger and sugar in the glutinous rice paste.

4. Season the spring onions  with sauce from step (3), add in sesame seeds.

5. Put it the container, place it under the room temperature for half day before you store it in the refrigerator.

( p/s: when I make this kimchi, I like to add in one pear's juice  for marinating it, the taste will be better).( Korean pear,the skin is brown color)


青葱 1 kg
韩式江鱼子露 1 杯 ( 멸치액젓 / Anchovy sauce )
糯米胡1 杯
辣椒粉 1 杯
姜蓉 4  tsp
蒜蓉 1/2 杯
芝麻 2 Tsp


1)  先将青葱洗净,濾乾水份。
2) 青葱濾乾后,放在平盘上,用1/2 杯 江鱼子露撒在青葱上,浸泡 1小时后,濾出江鱼子露待用,过程中须翻动 1,2次,使它均匀。
3) 在糯米胡中加入辣椒粉,加入浸泡过青葱的江鱼子露,另外的 1/2杯江鱼子露,姜蓉,蒜蓉,白糖,做成醃料。
4) 将醃料均匀地塗在青葱上,最后加入芝麻。
5) 放入保鲜盒,置放在室温半天后,让它入味后,放入冰箱保存。

(p/s: kkimchi 在做这泡菜时,喜欢加上一粒韩国的新鲜梨汁在醃料内,那味道会更好)

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