Monday, April 2, 2018

"Minari-muchim"(seasoned water dropwort)/ 凉拌水芹菜/미나리 무침

Yesterday, my neighbour gave me a big bundle of water dropworts which she planted in her greenhouse.

Oenanthe javanica, commonly Java waterdropwort,[ Chinese celeryIndian pennywortJapanese parsleywater celery and water dropwort, is a plant of the water dropwort genus originating from East Asia. (Chinese celery is also the name given to Apium graveolens var. secalinum). It has a widespread native distribution in temperate Asia and tropical Asia, and is also native to Queensland, Australia.
O. javanica is a perennial herb that grows to about 1 m in height, with fibrous roots that emerge from all nodes, and flowers with 5 white petals and 5 stamens. The leaves are aromatic, glabrous, and have a sheath covering the stem. The leaflets are divided into lobes and crinkled. The 'Flamingo' variety has colorful pink edges. The plant grows wild in moist areas, along streams and on the edges or ponds.
While many other species of water dropwort are extremely toxic, Oenanthe javanica is edible, and is cultivated in China, IndiaJapanKoreaIndonesiaMalaysiaThailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam, as well as in Italy, where its spring growths are relished as a vegetable.
(source: wikipedia)

Fresh and young water dropworts ~~

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