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Cherry Flower Bread/樱花糕/벚꽃빵

Cherry Flower Bread/樱花糕/벚꽃빵 Bakery
2014/06/14 17:44

Dear friends, if you have a chance to visit Jihae( 진해/ 镇海)in Korea, you may try to taste this bread ! Received this present from a friend...
亲爱的朋友们,若您有机会到访 Jihae( 진해/ 镇海),不妨试试嚐一嚐这该地区的特产。。。收到朋友送来的这礼物。。。

In Korean, "벚꽃"/"Bots KKot" means Cherry Flower; "빵/bbang" means Bread. This bread is from Jinhae(진해/镇海)。The main ingrdients for this bread are honey & red bean paste...
 Jinhae is famous for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Korea, in April.
Jinhae-gu (formerly known as Chinhae) is a district in Changwon City, South Korea. This region is served by the Korean National Railroad, and is famous for its annual cherry blossom festival every spring
Each spring the city hosts a ten day festival, variously promoted as the Military Parade Festival or the Cherry Blossom Festival. Each spring over a million Koreans and other visitors crowd into the town to view the cherry blossoms and to see the street performers, carnival stalls and street lighting as well as the military parades

在韩文,"벚꽃"/"Bots KKot" 的意思是 “樱花”;"빵/bbang"是指面包/糕。这糕点是来自Jinhae(진해/镇海)。主要的材料是蜂蜜和红豆馅。。。。
鎮海區朝鮮語진해구),是大韓民國慶尚南道昌原市的一個區 是韓國重要軍港所在地,大韓民國海軍美國海軍均在此區設有鎮海海軍基地。著名賞櫻地點有餘佐川(여좌천)、海軍官校.
((source : wikipedia)


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