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"Tteok-Kko- Chi"/年糕烧串/떡꼬치

 "Tteok-Kko- Chi"/年糕烧串/떡꼬치 Korean Rice Cake
2014/06/22 15:36

For busy people, tteokbokki are also sold in skewers called “Teok kkochi”. It is sweet and spicy. “Tteok kkochi" is mostly fried rather than boiled and the sauce is slightly different as well

"Tteokbokki"(떡볶이),also known as "Topokki", is a popular Korean snack food which is commonly purchased from street vendors or snack stores.  There are many kinds of Tteokbokki, today, I am going to introduce the "Tteok-Kko- chi"/年糕烧串/떡꼬치

”Tteokbokki“(떡볶이),也可称为“ Topokki”, 是韩国非常普遍的一种街边或小食店的小食。有各种不同种类的炒年糕,今天,我要介绍的是"Tteok-Kko- chi"/年糕烧串/떡꼬치。甜甜辣辣的。。。

The original tteokbokki was a stir-fried dish consisting of garaetteok (가래떡, cylinder-shaped tteok) combined with a variety of ingredients, such as beef, mung bean sprouts, green onions, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and onions, and seasoned with soy sauce.
Following the Korean War a new type of tteokbokki became very popular. While the older version was a savory dish, this latter type was much spicier, and quickly became more popular than the older traditional dish. In addition to traditional ingredients, this tteokbokki used gochujang, a fermented, spicy paste made from chilli peppers, along with fish cakes. Other ingredients added to tteokbokki include boiled eggs, pan-fried mandu(Korean dumplings), sausages, ramyeon (which then becomes rabokki/labokki 라볶이), a variety of fried vegetables, and cheese. These days, many kinds of tteokbokki are popular such as seafood tteokbokki(해물 떡볶이) or rice tteokbokki(쌀떡볶이
Due to the constant popularity of tteokbokki, many kinds of tteokbokki have been invented. Just like other types of popular food, tteokbokki went through various fusions. For example, tteokbokki with pork cutlet is a combination of traditional tteokbokki with pork cutlet sauce and meat. There's also another type called "Shanghai Topokki" which replaced traditional red pepper sauce with the famous Chinese oyster sauce. Also, one of the famous fusions of tteokbokki among Koreans is rabokki. This is a combination of tteokbokki and ramyeon(Korean version of ramen). .

(source : wikipedia)

                                  Mix all the ingredients to make sauce, set aside.

                                 Place the rice cakes on the skewers...

                                 Heat up the fry pan and place the rice cakes on it..

                                 Fry both sides of the rice cakes until golden brown...

                                 Brush the sauce on the surface of the rice cakes..

Ingredients :
"tteokbokki tteok"/rice cakes   350 g
cooking oik 1/2 Tsp

Ingredients for sauce :
Korean red pepper sauce 1 Tsp
ketchup 3 Tsp
soy bean sauce 1/2 Tsp
corn syrup 2 Tsp
minced garlic 1 tsp
roasted sesame seeds 1 tsp

Method :
1. Put the red pepper paste, ketchup, soy bean sauce, corn syrup, minced garlic, roasted sesame seeds in a mixing bowl, stir it well, set aside.

2. Place about 5 pieces of rice cakes on each of the skewer. ( P/s : If you buy the frozen rice cakes,then, you have to boil the rice cakes in a hot water for about 1 minute or until it turns soft; or even though is not the frozen one, but is not soft, please boil it it a hot water too. After boiling, please drain and rinse it )

3. Heat up the fry pan, pour in the cooking oil. Place the skewers on the pan and fry them on medium heat.

4. Fry the rice cakes until they become golden brown colour ( both sides ).

5. Brush the sauce  on the surface of the rice cakes by using a brush, flip the skewers and remove from the pan as soon as possible, otherwise, it will be easily  burnt because of the sauce. ( Alternatively, if you think  that it is troublesome to fry it again after brushing the sauce, you may just fry the rice cakes and brush the sauce without frying it again )

6. After removing from the pan, brush the sauce on the other side (this side is not required to fry again) .

7. Enjoy it while it is hot..

材料 :
年糕 350 g
食用油 1/2 Tsp

韩式辣椒酱 1 Tsp
番茄酱 3 Tsp
酱清 1/2 Tsp
韩式麦芽糖 2 Tsp
蒜蓉 1 tsp
芝麻 1 tsp


1. 在一碗内,调均所有的酱料备用。

2. 在每根串子上串上 5 条年糕。(备注“若您所卖的年糕是冰冻的,那请把年糕在热水里烫一分钟或至软。如果不是冰冻的,但有些硬,也请用热水烫一烫,除去水份)

3,烧热锅,倒入油。 放入年糕串,以中火煎。

4. 煎至两面都呈金黄色。

5. 用刷子在其中以表面上刷上酱料,翻过来煎一煎,尽量马上从锅中取出,以免烧焦(因为塗上酱料,很容易烧焦) (或者,若您觉得涂上酱料后再煎一次,那太费时;那可以就只煎后,塗上酱料就好,无需再煎一次)

6. 此时,再将另一面塗上酱料(这一面,无需再煎一次)。

7. 趁热享用。

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