Monday, August 11, 2014

Seven Square At The Plaza Hotel in Seoul ( Part 1 )

Dear friends, would you like to stay at the Plaza Hotel when you visit Korea, it is located in  the down town of Seoul, just opposite the building of Seoul City Hall, you can walk on foot to Namdae Mun.
Share with you some of the food that we enjoyed at the Seven Square, Plaza Hotel in Seoul. Thanks Claire for inviting mum & the members of our family for lunch.....

This is the grilled pineapple dumpling, slice the pineapple to make the skin instead of the flour dough for the dumpling, is very special...


Plaza Hotel,位于首尔的市中心,就在市政厅的对面。从那可徒步到南大门。。。


                                                Grana Padano Wheel Cheese

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