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Han Jeong Sik : Han Sang /韩定食 “ Han Sang”/이천쌀밥 한상

Han Jeong Sik : Han Sang /韩定食 “ Han Sang”/이천쌀밥 한상 Food Tour

Dear friends, do you believe that if I tell you that all the dishes on this table are served at the same time and placed it on the table at the same time by a waitress only ? This is not a joke ! Some of the "Han Jeong Sik" restaurants ,they do  place all the dishes on a portable table at the kitchen in advance, this table, which is almost the same size as the table at the dining room. This "portable table" will be put on a trolley, the waitress will push the trolley to the dining room. When she approaches near the table at the dining room, she just need to push the "portable table" to the table at the dining room, the two tables will be attached together . ....Come and experience it when you are in Korea.... ^-^             
"Han Jeong Sik /韩定食/한정식" is a full course Korean meal with a varied array of "banchan"(side dishes).
This restaurant is located in Seoul, 이천쌀밥 한상..

亲爱的朋友们,如果我告诉您,这餐桌上的菜肴是在同一个时间,由一位服务员将它同时摆放在餐桌上,您会相信吗 ? 这可不是开玩笑 !在一些韩定食的餐馆, 服务员在厨房,将所有的菜肴摆放在一个可移动的餐桌上,这移动式的餐桌几乎与在餐厅的餐桌的面积一样大,这移动式的餐桌是放在一个手推车上,由服务员推倒餐厅。当推至靠近餐桌时,服务员只需用手一推,两张桌子就重叠在一块。。若您到韩国来,不妨去体验一下。。。^-^
"Han Jeong Sik /韩定食/한정식" 是包含了各种不同菜色( Banchan)的韩食套餐。。
这餐馆就在首尔,이천쌀밥 한상..

Among the side dishes ,this restaurant is famous for  the "Kul Bi "/dried yellow corvina。

                            Green peppers are marinated with soy bean sauce.

                         "Ganjang gejang",crabs marinated with soy bean sauce.
                         "Ganjang gejang",用豆酱腌制鲜螃蟹。

                                                   Jelly fish salad。

                  Marinate the egg plants with soy bean sauce, red pepper powder....

                                               Vegetable pancake。

Mixed dish of boiled cellophane noodles ( "tang myeon"), vegetables, meat,etc.


                            Mushroom with perilla seeds sauce for dressing.

                                                  Radish leaves kimchi.

                                          "Suyuk"수육, boiled pork belly.
                                          “Suyuk”수육, 焖三层肉。

                                                Perilla seeds stew.

                                                   Seaweeds salad.

                               Sweet and sour "doraji"/Chinese bell flower.

                                                      Clay pot rice。

                                            Chinese cabbage kimchi.

                                                 This is the trolley.

                               Place the "portable table" on the dining table.


Petra said...

How unusual! I have never seen that before, it looks great! :)

Kimchi House said...

Dear Petra,
Welcome to Korea and experience it...But not all the Han Jeong Sik restaurants have these "portable table "