Monday, December 15, 2014

Tangerines Chips/蜜柑片/감귤칩

Tangerines Chips/蜜柑片/감귤칩 Salad / Fruit

Dear friends, tangerines are most commonly peeled and eaten out of hand. The fresh fruit is also used in salads,desserts and main dishes. Instead of this, have you ever tried to eat the tangerines chips ?

Received a box of 15 kg organic tangerines from Jeju Island,  as a gift from a friend.
The tangerines chips were sold on the Slow Food Festival which I visited last week, I tried to do it at home.The taste is good and crispy, eat the skin and the fresh together,  I like this snack ^-^ 

朋友们,一般上,我们都会剥了柑皮,吃其果肉。 我们也用它来做沙拉,甜品等。除此之外,您可曾享用过蜜柑片 ?
收到朋友送来一箱 15 kg 来自济州岛 的有机蜜柑礼物。。。
上星期去参观 Slow Food展的时候,会上有出售这蜜柑片。 回家后,我试做了。 味道很好,而且很脆,果肉和皮一起吃,喜欢上这零食 ^-^

Even though it is the organic tangerines, I still soak it in the water ( water & vinegar) for about 1 hour. Drain and rinse it before I slice it into thin pieces..
虽然是有机蜜柑,我还是将蜜柑泡在水中( 水&醋) 一个小时。洗后,抹干后,将它切成薄片。。

Put the sliced tangerines on the dehydrator, to dehydrate it for about 10 hours..
将切好的蜜柑片放在食物烘干机上,约需 10小时的过程。。

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