Thursday, March 5, 2015

五谷饭/Rice with five grains / 오곡밥....2015

五谷饭/Rice with five grains / 오곡밥

Ogokbap or five-grains rice is a kind of Korean food made of a bowl of steamed rice mixed with grains including barley, foxtail millet, millet and soy beans] Ogokbap usually served during the end of winter, especially on the first full moon... of the year (jeongwol daeboreum). In the past, many Koreans ate foods lacking nutritional value during the long winter because such foods were scarce. Anticipating these problems, they dried the grains before the coming of the winter to fulfill the winter’s meals. On the night of jeongwol daeboreum, people would eat ogokbap with ingredients such as walnuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, and beans to provide them with adequate energy. Today, the concept of making ogokbap has been changing. Koreans make ogokbap with many different kinds of grains that do not necessarily mirror those traditionally used in the past. Ogokbap continues to be enjoyed by Koreans for its nutritious and healthful benefits。This are the good ingredients for "bibimbap". 
Cheers ! With my homemade raspeberry wine..

 On the eve of lunar calender Jan 15, Korean will take walnuts and ground nuts too. According to the traditional custom, after eating nuts, this will prevent to get skin disease; Korean will also drink a cup of wine, in order to have good hearing through out the year
On the day of "Daeboreum" , almost all the families in Korea will enjoy the  Ogokbap, all the ingredients for the dishes are vegetables...........................................................
在元宵节,家家户户都在享用五谷饭,所有的菜肴,清一色是蔬菜,很清淡 。。
I prepare 9 vegetables dishes , these are the best ingredient for bibimbap...

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