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Seasoned "Mo-Wee"(Seasoned Fuki )/凉拌峰斗菜/머위 무침

Seasoned "Mo-Wee"(Seasoned Fuki )/凉拌峰斗菜/머위 무침

My husband and I visited a friend  in Go-Chang, South Jeolla Province(고창,전라남도; 高敞,全罗南道). He picked up the "Mo-Wee"/Fuki and prepared this dish for us. Seasoned  the "Mo-Wee"/Fuki with the soy bean paste....

Gochang, the county with glorious cultural assets and history continued since prehistoric age. Gochang has grown to a tour site where you can experience and stay with its various themes: beautiful mountains and sea, heartwarming scene of farm village, and splendid cultural assets. Also, in Gochang, there are gifts of nature everywhere which make it the treasure county of tourism.

Anywhere you go, there is tour site. There are Gochang dolmen site designated as international cultural asset, oddly formed stones and weirdly shaped rocks, Seounsan Mt. called as Nageumgang River of Honam area, Gochangeupseong where Dapseongnori is solely continued, barley field and buckwheat field as blue as in a picture of a sea, Seokjeong hot spring, and beautiful coastline.

Also, Dongri House and Dongri Folk Music Room where you can feel the soul of master Sin, Jaehyo who compiled and made a system of pansori, became a valuable data in the history of Korean pansori. And so many people who love literature are visiting Midang Poetic Literature Hall, built to praise poetic world of Midang Seo, Jeongju, the poet, every year.

People who visit Korea all say that Pungcheon eel and Bokbunja(raspberry wine) is the best. It's because the chewy and rich taste of eel, caught at Pungcheon(where fresh water and sea water meet), and the taste of sweet-smelling Bokbunja(raspberry wine) make unique and exquisite taste.





Flower of Fuki../峰斗菜花
Petasites japonicus, also known as fuki (フキ(蕗、苳、款冬、菜蕗)), bog rhubarb, or giant butterbur, is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Asteraceae. It is native to Japan, where the shoots are used as a vegetable. It has also been introduced to southern British Columbia by Japanese immigrants
(source : wikipedia)

蜂斗菜學名Petasites japonicus),別名冬花款冬款冬蒲公英,屬於菊科蜂斗菜属,多年生草本植物。雌雄異株,花期約在1-3月。常見生長於山野路邊。原产自日本。

The traditional preparation method for this vegetable involves pre-treating with ash or baking soda and soaking in water to remove harshness (astringency), which is a technique known as aku-nuki (灰汁抜き, literally "harshness removal"). The shoot can be chopped and stir fried with miso to make Fuki-miso which is eaten as a relish thinly spread over hot rice at meals. The bulb-like shoots are also picked fresh and fried as tempura. In Korea, it is steamed or boiled and then pressed to remove water. Sesame oil or perilla oil is added in order to make namul
(source : wikipedia)

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