Friday, October 9, 2015

"Odeng/Eomuk" Fish Cake /鱼糕/어묵.

In South Korea, kamaboko is called either eomuk (Hangul: 어묵, mixed script: 魚묵) or odeng (오뎅, loan word from the Japanese oden, a Japanese dish that often contains kamaboko).
Eomuk can be boiled on a skewer in broth and is sold in street carts where they can be eaten with alcoholic beverages, especially soju, similar to the function of corn dog stands. The broth is sometimes given to the customer in paper cups for dipping and drinking.]
An alternate preparation of eomuk is sold in the colder times of the year and is marketed as 'Hotbar' or 'Hot Bar'. While the Hot Bar is still served on a stick or skewer, the recipe calls for deep frying instead of boiling. In this form, the Hot Bar can be prepared according to any particular vendor's 'secret' recipe: plain, mixed with vegetables such as diced carrot or whole perilla leaf, or served with any number of sauces or condiments such as ketchup or mustard.(source:wikipedia)

"Odeng/Eomuk" Fish Cake /鱼糕/어묵 are manufactured by many companies in Korea. Today, I am going to share with you one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Korea. "삼진어묵"("Samjin Eomuk") is recently opened a branch at the Hyundai Department Store in Pangyo. Whenever I go there, there is always a long queue~~
在韩国,有不少的公司在生产"Odeng/Eomuk" Fish Cake /鱼糕/어묵。今天,我将和大家分享其中一家历史悠久的制造商,"삼진어묵"("Samjin Eomuk")。 最近,这家公司在板桥的现代百货公司开了一家分店。每当我到那的时候,总是排长龙~~

This company was established in Busan in 1953. Currently, the CEO is the 3rd generation for running this business.

As what I know, the 2nd generation of the CEO was running the business, while his son went to US for studying. Unfortunately, the CEO was not in good health, his son gave up his study and returned back to Korea, to run the business on behalf of the family. Since then, the business is well expanded~~

Dear friends, if you go to Busan, you may visit a mini musuem "삼진어묵 박물관/Samjin Eomuk Museum run by this company, all about "odeng", you can even experience to make the "odeng". The following pictures of this album are the products of this company, let have a glance ~~
亲爱的朋友们,若您有机会到釜山,您可到"삼진어묵 박물관/Samjin Eomuk Museum参观,这迷你博物馆是由这公司建设的,全是有关“odeng".您还可以有机会体验制作呢! 以下一系列的照片,都是这家公司的产品,就让我们一起分享吧~~

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