Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chinese Plum "Maesil " / 梅 / 매실

                                                  These are one of the pickles / 매실 장아찌 that I made~~

In Korea, now is the harvest season for Chinese Plum / 梅 /  매실.  I like to use the
ripe Chinese Plum fruits for brewing the liquor and unripe plum fruits for making the pickle and juice ~~( Generally, Korean like to use both the unripe plum fruits for brewing the liquor and the pickle/juice ).
在韩国,现在正是梅子成熟的季节。 我个人喜欢采用成熟的梅子来酿酒,未成熟的梅子则用来腌制梅子和制作梅汁。 (一般上, 韩国人喜欢采用未成熟的梅子来酿酒,腌制梅子和制作梅汁 )。

Prunus mume is an Asian tree species classified in the Armeniaca section of the genus Prunus subgenus Prunus. Its common names include Chinese plum and Japanese apricot. The flower is usually called plum blossom.
The juice produced in Japan and Korea, made from green plums, tastes sweet and tangy, and is considered a refreshing drink, also often enjoyed in the summer. In Korea, maesil juice, which is marketed as a healthful tonic, is enjoying increasing popularity. It is commercially available in glass jars in sweetened, concentrated syrup form; it is reconstituted by stirring a small amount of syrup into a glass of water. The syrup may also be prepared at home by storing one part fresh plums in a container with one part sugar with no water.
Plum liquor, also known as plum wine, is popular in both Japan and Korea, and is also produced in China. Umeshu (梅酒; sometimes translated as "plum wine") is a Japanese alcoholic drink made by steeping green plums in shōchū (焼酎; clear liquor). It is sweet and smooth. A similar liquor in Korea, calledmaesil ju (매실주), is marketed under various brand names, including Mae Hwa Su, Mae Chui Soon, and Seol Joong Mae. Both the Japanese and Korean varieties of plum liquor are available with whole plum fruits contained in the bottle.
(source : wikipedia)

I used the ripe and unripe Chinese plums for making pickles, jam, liquor, juice/tea
我采用了成熟和未成熟的梅子,腌制梅子,做梅子果酱,酿梅酒, 梅汁/茶

I also used the Chinese plums for making Chinese plum red pepper paste/ 매실 식초 고추장~~

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