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" Muh Wee Jang A Jji "(Pickled Giant Butterbur / 머위장아찌 / 醃渍峰斗菜

In Korean, " Muh Wee/ 머위 /蜂斗菜 "  is Petasites japonicus, also known as fuki (フキ(蕗、苳、款冬、菜蕗))bog rhubarbJapanese sweet coltsfoot or giant butterbur, is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Asteraceae. It exists not only in Japan, but many places in Europe. It is especially commonly found around Swiss alps.[citation needed] It has also been introduced to southern British Columbia by Japanese immigrants
The traditional preparation method for this vegetable involves pre-treating with ash or baking soda and soaking in water to remove harshness (astringency), which is a technique known as aku-nuki (灰汁抜き?, literally "harshness removal"). The shoot can be chopped and stir fried with miso to make Fuki-miso which is eaten as a relish thinly spread over hot rice at meals. The bulb-like shoots are also picked fresh and fried as tempura. In Korea, it is steamed or boiled and then pressed to remove water. Sesame oil or perilla oil is added in order to make namul.
Like other Petasites species, fuki contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) which have been associated with cumulative damage to the liver and tumor formation.

蜂斗菜學名Petasites japonicus),別名冬花款冬款冬蒲公英,屬於菊科蜂斗菜属,多年生草本植物。雌雄異株,花期約在1-3月。常見生長於山野路邊,原產於河南陝西山西甘肅以及日本等地。全株皆可入藥,是中藥裡止咳化痰、潤肺及促進食慾的藥方之一。但與其他的菊科一樣,蜂斗菜含有的吡咯里西啶生物碱會導致肝小靜脈閉塞
( source : wikipedia )

                                     Fresh giant butterbur leaves~~

Season it with the sauce and marinate for at least two weeks, the longer the better~~

 Giant butterbur leaves 

Sauce :
Sugar, vinegar, Korean soy  sauce ; the ratio is l : l : l (use the measuring cup )

Method :
1. Wash and drain the green leaves

2. Pour all the sauces in a container and stir well, make sure that the sugar is melt.

3. Add in the leaves, make sure that the sauce is enough to cover the surface of the leaves。.

4. Close the lid. 

5. Marinate it for at least two weeks, the longer the better, the taste will be more better.


白糖,醋,韩式酱清 ; 比例是  1 : 1 : 1 ( 以量杯为基准)

方法 : 
1. 将峰斗叶洗净,濾干水分。

2. 将所有的叶子倒入一容器内, 须确保白糖已溶解。

3. 加入叶子, 须确保它足以盖过青椒的表面。

4. 盖上盖子。

5. 醃渍至少 14 天, 越久越入味。

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