Monday, February 20, 2017

Dried Persimmon Rolls/곶감쌈/ 柿子饼卷

Dear friends, have you ever tasted the dried persimmon rolls?
亲爱的朋友们,您可曾尝过柿子卷饼 ?

In China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam after harvesting, 'Hachiya' persimmons are prepared using traditional hand-drying techniques, outdoors for two to three weeks. The fruit is then further dried by exposure to heat over several days before being shipped to market. In Japan the dried fruit is called hoshigaki (干し柿), in China it is known as "shi-bing" (柿饼), in Korea it is known as gotgam (hangul: 곶감), and in Vietnam it is called hồng khô. It is eaten as a snack or dessert and used for other culinary purposes.

In Korea, dried persimmon fruits are used to make the traditional Korean spicy punch, sujeonggwa, while the matured, fermented fruit is used to make a persimmon vinegar called gamsikcho (감식초), which is alleged to have a variety of health benefits



在日本,柿子饼被称为hoshigaki (干し柿),在中国,称它为"shi-bing" (柿饼), 在韩国,被称为 gotgam (hangul: 곶감),在越南则称它为 hồng khô。

在韩国,韩国人用桂皮加糖,姜,煮成糖水,再配上柿子饼片,那就成了“ sujeonggwa” 甜品饮料。熟透的柿子,经过发酵后,也制成柿子醋,“gamsikcho”

In Korea, Sangju City(상주시) is famous for the persimmons~~

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