Thursday, February 16, 2017

Seasoned " Bomㅡ Dong"/ 凉拌春白菜 / 봄동무침

Dear friends, do you still remember the name of this vegetable in Korean ? Now, is the season for this vegetable in Korea. We call it " Bom-dong".
This vegetables are  available in Korea , mainly in  late winter and spring. We call it " 봄동 / Bom-Dong". We can use this vegetables to cook soy bean soup, kimchi or season with red pepper sauce,etc.....

这蔬菜,通常在韩国的冬末和春天上市。 我们称它为 “봄동/Bom -Dong/春白菜。 我们用它来煮豆酱汤, 做泡菜或凉拌辣酱等。
The recipe for this vegetable is available at

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