Friday, January 12, 2018


Dear friends, share with you the"Dak-to-ri-tang"/辣酱鸡/닭도리탕.  From my last post on, I cooked it without the kimchi. Would you like to add in the fermented kimchi ? ( Please wash the fermented kimchi, squeeze out the water, add in the sesame oil and sugar, marinated for a few hours or overnight before you cook) 。  Wow, the taste is more delicious~~

亲爱的朋友们,与您分享这道"Dak-to-ri-tang"/辣酱鸡/닭도리탕。 上回在与您分享的时候, 我没加入已发酵好的泡菜。 您想尝试加入泡菜吗?( 请先将泡菜用水清洗,挤出水份,加入麻油和白糖, 腌数小时或过一夜)。 哇, 味道会更美味 ~~

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