Thursday, June 25, 2015

사랑하는 큰딸아,케이크 만들어줘서 고마워!

Thanks my eldest daughter for making this special sugar craft cake,26th wedding anniversary !

          My daughter, she designed and made this sugar craft cake for dad & mum!
                       She designed these wedding suit and gown for dad & mum ^-^
                       她为我们所设计的礼服 ^-^
                                    Back of "my wedding gown" ^-^
                                    礼服的到后面 ^-^

                                                    Thanks for the roses !!
                                                    每一瓣花朵,隐藏了几许的爱! 谢谢 !!

                                          I treasure the love from my family !
                                          我珍惜家人的爱 !

My husband always says that " The most precious treasure in our famly is our two daughters "
我先生常说 “ 我们家最真贵的财产就是我们的两位女儿“

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