Saturday, February 4, 2012

凉拌大豆芽/Seasoned Soybean Sprouts/콩나물 무침

Those soybean sprouts available at the Korean supermarket are very fresh and  "crunchy". Soybean sprouts soup,soybean sprouts rice ,seafood cuisine,soybean sprouts are the economical and delicious  cooking ingredient.
(This recipe is written in Chinese & English )

大豆芽 200g
蒜蓉 1tsp
青葱粒 1 Tsp
芝麻 1tsp
辣椒粉 1tsp
麻油 1 1/2tsp

1. 将大豆芽除去其根部份。
2  煮一锅水(水的分量要可以盖过大豆芽的表面),水滚后,放入大豆芽,煮至大豆芽开始
    变 软。要注意,若煮的太久,豆芽变得太软,那就不爽口了;若太早就捞起,则会有一股
3. 除去水份,加入所有的调味料拌均即可。

soybean sprouts 200g
garlic 1tsp,minced
spring onion 1 Tsp
sesame seeds    1tsp
red pepper powder 1tsp
sesame oil 1 1/2tsp
salt, to taste

1. Trim the soybean sprouts' root.
2. Cook a pot of water ( is enough to cover the surface the of soybean sprouts), when the water is boiling,
    add the soybean sprouts and toss well. If cooked too long, the soybean sprouts will become  mushy;if
    take them out from the water immediately, will have the soybean sprouts' odor.
3. Pour away the water, add in all the seasonings mix it well.



Ann@Anncoo Journal said...

I love Korean food! Thank you very much for sharing. Will be back often :)

Anonymous said...

How long to boil the soybean sprouts during boiling to avoid mushy?