Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Green Pepper Hot Bar/고추핫바/青椒辣棒

In Korea, we have hot and spicy pepper, we call it " Chung yang gochu/청양고추/青阳辣椒“, it is very spicy if compared with other kinds of peppers.

The Chungyang Red Pepper' is a small-sized chili pepper that has a strong burning sensation when eaten. It is a cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum originating in South Korea and developed by Dr. Il-ung Yoo (유일웅) by hybridizing Thai and Jeju-do cultivars。

在韩国,有一种非常辣的辣椒,我们称它为 “Chung yang gochu/청양고추/青阳辣椒“, 如果和其他品种的辣椒相比较,它确实是非常的辣。

这青阳辣椒是由 Dr II-ung Yoo,采用泰国和济州岛的辣椒品种所培植出来的辣椒品种。

Ingredients :

 Alaska Pollock 400 g ( fish meat only)
chungyang green pepper 6 pieces
1/4 of carrot
5 pieces of perilla leaves
1 squid
rice wine 3 Tsp ( optional )
flour 1/2 cup
salt 1 tsp
a pinch of pepper powder

Method :

1. Remove the ink bag and cartilage of the squid, peel the skin, wash it and cut it into small pieces.

2. Chop the carrot, chungyang green pepper and perilla leaves into small pieces. Set aside.

3. Bone and fillet the Alaska Pollock.

4. Blend fish meat and squid in electric food processor to make a fine paste. Beat the mixture manually till  it forms a sticky paste.

5. Remove the paste to a large bowl and add the chopped carrot,chungyang green pepper ,perilla leaves,flour,salt,rice wine and pepper powder. Mix it well.

6. Wet hands or use a flipper and pat spoonful of paste into longish, rectangular shape.

7. Deep fry the " hot bar".  Serve hot.

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