Saturday, November 10, 2012

" Pepero Day" on ll.ll (Nov 11)/빼빼로 Day/Pepero日

 Pepero Day was started in 1994 by students at a girls' middle school in Busan, where they exchanged Pepero sticks as gifts to wish one another to grow "as tall and slender as a Pepero". In Korean, "빼빼/pepe" means " tall and slender".

 It is named after the Korean snack Pepero and held on November 11, since the date "11/11" resembles four sticks of Pepero.

Pepero (빼빼로) is a cookie stick, dipped in chocolate syrup, manufactured by Lotte Confectionery in South Korea since 1983.

The popularity of "Pepero Day", it helps the manufacturers to develop more kinds of pepero . Initially, it has chocolate  flavored, gradually, it has strawberry flavored, almond flavored, cocoa flavored, cheese flavored,  etc and even DIY pepero  are available too.

Recently, not only the pepero cookies, "pepero bread" and "pepero hamper" are available too.

It is a day for love......

1994 年,釜山的一所女子高中的学生们选择刚好有 4 个 “ l"的 11月 11日,为了传递朋友间的有情,并带着“变得更高,更瘦, 一起美丽起来的心意, 以 Pepero 饼干为礼物相送。在韩文,"빼빼 /pepe“ 的意思是 ”更高,更瘦“。这就是 ” Pepeo 日“ 的起源。


Pepero 饼干是长形,棒状的饼干,沾上巧克力。在韩国,早在 1983 年由韩国 Lotte 饼家开始制造。

随着”pepero日“日益盛行,这也促使饼家开始制造不同口味的pepero 饼干。最初只有巧克力味,渐渐地,草莓味,杏仁味,可可味 , 乳酪味 等,甚至 DIY pepero 也开始问市。

近来,不单是 pepero 饼干,” pepero面包“ 和 ” pepero 礼篮“也开始流行。


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