Friday, November 2, 2012

Sausage Bread/소시지빵/香肠面包

I like the cheeses and sausages  from Korea if compared with those imported from foreign countries, because they are not salty.

Sausage is a food made from ground meat with a skin around it. Traditionally, the meat for making sausage is pork,beef. We do have sausage that made from chicken . The meat will be ground and filled into casing.

  • Cooked sausages are made with fresh meats, and then fully cooked. They are either eaten immediately after cooking or must be refrigerated. Examples include hot dogs, Braunschweiger, and liver sausage.
  • Cooked smoked sausages are cooked and then smoked or smoke-cooked. They are eaten hot or cold, but need to be refrigerated. Examples include kielbasa and mortadella. Some are slow cooked while smoking, in which case the process takes several days or longer, such as the case for Gyulai kolbász.
  • Fresh sausages are made from meats that have not been previously cured. They must be refrigerated and thoroughly cooked before eating. Examples include Boerewors, Italian pork sausage, siskonmakkara, and breakfast sausage.
  • Fresh smoked sausages are fresh sausages that are smoked and cured. They do not normally require refrigeration and do not require any further cooking before eating. Examples include Mettwurst and Teewurst.
  • Dry sausages are cured sausages that are fermented and dried. They are generally eaten cold and will keep for a long time. Examples include salami, Droë wors, Finnish meetvursti, Sucuk, Landjäger, Slim Jim, and summer sausage.
  • Bulk sausage, or sometimes sausage meat, refers to raw, ground, spiced meat, usually sold without any casing.
  • Vegetarian sausage refers to sausages made without meat, for example, with soya protein or with tofu or with herbs and spices. Vegetarian sausages are frequently sold in supermarkets, they might not be vegan, for they may contain ingredients such as eggs. ( sources from wikipedia)



  • 煙燻腸:肉泥灌入腸衣後,先用木材製,之後再熟。吃前再烹熱。
  • 風乾腸:肉泥灌成腸後,在乾燥地方風乾,某些會在香腸內加入乳酸菌,細菌分解肉質,令其變得軟腍。風乾腸材料沒有經烹煮,吃前要先煮,如中國臘腸,但也有可直接食用,如意大利沙樂美腸
  • 熟腸:肉泥灌入腸衣後,會先煮熟再保存,煮的方法很多,可以是等。外表與煙燻腸相似,但沒經燻製過程。
  • 鮮腸:即未經風乾或煮熟的香腸,不能直接食用,買回家後要自行烹調。


bread flour 500 g
dried yeast 15 g
salt 5 g
sugar 50 g

egg 1

butter 75 g or grape seeds oil 75 g

mozzarella cheeses
mayonnaise, tomato sauce

Method :

1. Mix (A) till well blended.

2. Add (B) and knead to form a dough.

3. Add (C) continue to knead to form a smooth and elastic dough and add in (D). 

4. Cover dough with damp cloth . Let it proves for 50 to 60 minutes or till it doubles in size.

5. Punch out the air.

6. Divide the dough into  80 g each and mould them into balls.  Let them rest for 15 minutes.

7. Flatten the dough balls ..

8. Put the sausage on the dough, fold the dough. Leave above 1/3 from the edge, then knife cut each folded dough into small portion. Please don't cut off any portion.

9. Twist first portion to the left and second to the right. Repeat the same process until last portion.

10. Put them on the baking tray and to prove for 40 minutes.

11. Spread the mozzarella cheeses on top of the dough before baking it.

12. You can pipe the dough with mayonnaise and tomato sauce before baking it.( For me, I like to do this step after the breads are baked).

.9. Bake at 180 degree C for  15- 20 minutes in the oven or until it turns golden brown colour.

10. Leave to cool before serve.

( P/s : If you have bread machine, then put all the ingredients in the machine at the same time. In case for my machine, it will take 1 hour and 23 minutes to process. Once you take out the dough from the machine, start from the process no (5)

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