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Incheon China Town / 仁川中国城/인천차이나타운

The Incheon  Chinatown is the only Chinatown in Korea which developed naturally. With the opening of Incheon Port in 1883,Jogyeji-the old Chinese settlement - was created in 1884, and the business districts began to thrive in the 1900s. At that time, as ships piled between the area and Shantung, the number of Chinese in areas such as today's Bukseong0dong and Seonrin-dong began to increase. The bukseong-dong area came to be called "Cheonggwan Street". In addition,Chinese started selling food items, general goods, salt and grain while purchasing alluvial gold produced in Korea, commercing the expansion of their commercial influence. Cheongwan Street became the largest commercial district in Incheon as Chinese restaurants and trades established therselves in the area..

慢慢活跃起来,这里也自然而然地成为国内唯一的中国城,随着山东半岛到仁川的通航,在以现在的北城洞,善隣洞一带为中心的地区居住的华侨数量不断増加,北城洞也从这个时候开始变成为请馆路。 华侨们把从中国运来的食品,杂货,盐,谷物等拿出来卖,然后购买韩国的沙金,商圈发展壮大。在清华馆街上不断聚集了越来越多的中国餐馆,贸易商人,此地也就一举成为仁川地区最大的商圈。。。

(source : Korean-Chinese Cultural Center )

Although the Jajangmyeon that Koreans enjoy today has changed considerably over the years in terms of its ingredients and taste, It has its roots in a dish of China's Shandong region first introduced by Chinese migrants when Incheon Port first opened.

Incheon Port when Jajang-myeon was first created, It shows blue collar Chinese labourers who were working at the docks putting down their back sacks and having a simple meal of Shandong style " Zha jang mian ".

The Incheon Korean-Chinese Cultural Center was opened on April 16,2005.. It also operates Chinese camp,language classes and special lectures on Chinese culture.Is closed on every Monday and public holidays...
韩中文化馆建于 16-4-2005,举办各种文化活动。每周一和公共假期休馆。。。

At the entrance of a shop which is selling the "공갈빵/Gong-gal-bang".
摄于一糕点店前,售卖“ "공갈빵/Gong-gal-bang".。。

                                         The baker is baking the "공갈빵"...

                                       Breads are baked  in a big clay pot...

                          This is another center where many activities are held....

                               At the other entrance of Chinatown,there is an art center...

                                              History of Chinatown..

                                                History of Chinatown...

                                               History of Chinatown..

                                                History of Chinatown...

                                               History of Chinatown...

                    New Year Greeting from the Chinese Association in Korea..

                                   The occupation of Chinese in the past...


On the street, these 8 words mean that " Food  is the most important for human beings, has to eat it everyday" ^-^
在街上看到了这牌子 ”民以食为天,天天要食“ ^-^

                                                        Street view...

                                                        Street view..

                                             The story of Jajang-myeon...

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