Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lotus Leaf Rice / 荷叶饭 / 연잎밥

My husband received a box of lotus leaves from his friend. I used it to make lotus leaf tea and lotus leaf rice.~~

先生的朋友送了一盒的荷叶给我们。 我用它做了荷叶茶和荷叶饭~~

                                    Wash and drain the lotus leaves ~~

                                 Blanch the lotus leaves in the hot water~~

                           Cook the glutinous rice by using the rice cooker ~~

Topping ingredients : Chest nuts, mushrooms, pork belly, garlic and shallot~~
外馅料 : 栗子,蘑菇,三成肉,蒜蓉,小葱头片~~

                             Fry the topping ingredients ~~

Place the topping ingredients on the top of the cooked glutinous rice~~

                             Fold the leaf and wrap the glutinous rice~~

Ingredients :
8 pieces of lotus leaves
glutinous rice 900 g
chest nuts 80 g
peanuts 80 g
red beans 60 g
mushroom 8 pieces
pork belly 100 g ( may also use chicken, beef to substitute it )
jujube ( red date ) 8 pieces
minced garlic 1 tsp
chopped shallot l tsp

sauce : ( according to your taste or preference )
oyster sauce
black & sweet soy sauce
sesame oil

Method :
1. Wash the lotus leaves.

2. Cook the glutinous rice together with the  red beans & peanuts by using the rice cooker.

3. Blanch the lotus leaves in the hot water, so that it will be easy to wrap the rice.

4. Slice  each of the jujube and mushroom  into 4 pieces, set aside.

5. Heat oil in a wok or frying pan over medium heat. Saute the shallot, garlic. Add the pork belly, mushrooms, chestnuts. Add in oyster sauce, black & sweet soy sauce, pepper, salt , sesame oil, stir fry for a while until all the ingredients are cooked half way. Set aside.

6. Heat oil in a wok or frying pan over medium heat, fry the cooked glutinous rice, add in oyster sauce, black & sweet soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil according to your taste.

7. Divide the cooked rice, the topping ingredients into 8 portions.

8. Place the cooked rice on the center of the leaf, put the mushrooms, chest nuts, pork belly, jujube on top of the rice.

9.Fold the leaf & wrap the rice, to make it square shape.

10 After wrapping all of them, put in the steamer and steam it for about 40- 45 minutes.

材料 :
8 片荷叶
糯米 900 g
栗子 80 g
花生 80 g
红豆 60 g
蘑菇 8 个
三层肉 100 个( 可以鸡肉,牛肉代替 )
红枣 8 粒
蒜蓉 1 tsp
小葱头片 1 tsp

调味料 ( 请根据您的口味 ):


1. 洗净荷叶。

2. 将红豆, 糯米, 花生 , 放入电饭锅内煮熟。

3. 把荷叶放入热水中,轻轻泡软, 以便容易包裹饭团。

4. 把每一粒的红枣, 蘑菇 各切成 4 片。 待用。

5. 以中火在锅内烧开热油,炒香蒜蓉, 小葱头片, 放入三层肉,蘑菇, 栗子, 加入耗油,甜黑酱油,胡椒粉,盐,麻油,炒至半熟,待用。

6. 以中火在锅内烧开热油, 放入煮熟 的糯米饭, 加入耗油,甜黑酱油,胡椒粉,盐,麻油炒香。

7. 把饭团,馅料 各分成 8 份。


9. 将荷叶摺好及包裹饭团,使成为方块状。

10. 全包好后,放入蒸笼, 蒸约 40 - 45 分钟即可。

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