Monday, August 1, 2016

Si-heung Lotus Flower Theme Park ..31st July 2016

Dear friends, share with you these beautiful lotus flowers from Si-heung lotus flower theme park ~~ 
Si heung-si built Lotus Flower Theme Park at rice fields of 18ha round Gwangok Reservoir in order to commemorate symbolic and historic feature of Gwangok Reservoir. The lotus flower begin to bloom from the early of July and come into full bloom around the end of July.

Lotus has a historical relationship with Siheung city, a noted government agricultural researcher in the early Joseon Dynasty, brought lotus seeds from Nanjing of the Ming Dynasty and grew them in a pond in Gwangok,Hajung-dong. This became the origin of lotus plants in Korea. The soil in Gwangokji is mixed alluvial soil rich in mud that grow tasty and tender lotus root plants.

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