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Tofu Salad Dressing Sauce/豆腐沙拉酱/두부샐러드 드레싱

Tofu Salad Dressing Sauce/豆腐沙拉酱/두부샐러드 드레싱 Salad / Fruit
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Use the tofu to make salad  dressing sauce instead of using mayonnaise,this is more healthy...you can either add in perilla seeds powder or not...For me, I prefer the first choice.
用豆腐自制沙拉酱比用 mayonnaise来的健康。。。您也可以加入一些紫苏菜子粉 或不加。我个人喜欢前者的口味。。。

I use bell pepper, broccoli and lettuce. you may choose any other kinds of vegetables. For the sauce, I use tofu and  my homemade plum syrup; if you couldn't get the plum syrup at the Korean supermarket, you may use citron  syrup(유자청) from the supermarket to substitute it...

Put the tofu and the plum syrup in the blender for blending...

I use bell pepper,broccoli and lettuce for this dish,you may use other vegetables to substitute it.

If you can't get the plum syrup, you may use this citron syrup to substitute it..

This is the citron syrup

Ingredients for the sauce :
tofu 150 g
plum syrup 5 Tsp
perilla seeds powder  2 Tsp ( optional )

Method :
1. Put the tofu,plum syrup in the blender for blending.

2. Add in the perilla seeds powder, mix it well.

3. Place the bell pepper,broccoli and lettuce on the dish, pour in the dressing sauce before you serve.

豆腐 150 g
梅子汁 5 Tsp
紫苏菜子粉 2 Tsp ( 可以不放)

1. 将豆腐和梅子汁放入搅拌机内搅拌。

2. 加入紫苏菜子粉,拌均。

3. 把灯笼椒,芥兰菜花,生菜放在碟子上后,淋上酱料后享用。

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