Monday, March 10, 2014

Temple Food / 禅食/사찰음식 ( Part 1 )

Temple Food / 禅食/사찰음식 ( Part 1 ) Others
2014/03/10 16:20                                             

             Mulberry leaves rice & mugwort soup/桑叶饭 和艾草汤

Temple Food Festival was held in Seoul from 6th Mar to 9th Mar 2014. Share with you some of the pictures regardless what religious believer you are...
If you are a vegetarian,you may like it...

禅食展在首尔举行了(6/3 - 9/3/2014).与您分享一些禅食,无论您是那一宗教的信仰者。。

                              Steamed pumpkin with mushrooms/杂锦蘑菇南瓜.

                                      Steamed dumpling/"mandu"/蒸饺子

      "Wakana gujeolpan"(Pancake with vegetables available in spring)/春季蔬菜拼板

         Lotus Leaves"Mandu-jeongul" / Lotus leaves Dumpling Hot Pot /莲叶饺子汤

                           Fried tofu with red pepper paste sauce/辣酱炸豆腐

                                      Perilla Leaves & Herb Soup /紫苏叶膳药汤

                                   "Jijimyi peas with soy sauce"/豌豆煎饼

                                       Chrysanthemum Pancakes/菊花煎饼

                                         Mushroom Soup /杂锦蘑菇汤


mettateoh said...

I love yr pics on Korean temple is a bit different from Chinese temple vegetarian food. The flower pancake is so lovely and delicious. So are the rest of the yummy looking.

Mooi Chin Kam said...

Dear Mettateoh,
Thanks for visiting my blog and glad to hear that you like these pictures. Will upload some more temple food to share with you.....