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"Jangeo-gui" Grilled Eel /烧烤鳗鱼/장어구이

"Jangeo-gui" Grilled Eel /烧烤鳗鱼/장어구이 Food Tour
2014/03/03 16:45

In Korean, "Jangeo"means "Eel";"Gui" means "Grill"...These Freshwater Eels were quite expensive in Korea, it was sixty five thousand Korean currency per kg.
All the members of the family were invited for lunch at a restaurant by the sister,at "기와집/Kiwa-jip",which was located in Suwon. We had grilled eel...

在韩文 “Jangeo”的意思是“鳗鱼”;“Gui”是指“烧烤”。这非人工养殖的鳗鱼,价格蛮贵的,每公斤的售价是韩币六万五。。。
昨天,在姐姐的邀请下,全家一起前往位于水源的鳗鱼烧烤店“ 기와집/Kiwa-jip"用餐..

Eels are popular in Korean cuisine and are prepared in many different ways.
Eels are enlonged fish.Adults range in weight from 30g to well over 25kg. they posses no pelvic fins, and many species also lack pectoral fins.
Most eels live in the shallow water of the ocean and burrow into sand, mud or amongst rocks.

全世界的鰻魚主要生長於熱帶及溫帶地區水域,除了歐洲鰻Anguilla anguilla)及美洲鰻Anguilla rostrata)分布在大西洋外,其餘均分布在印度洋太平洋區域。
(source : wikipedia )

Grilled the eels without adding any other sauces, only sprinkled a pinch of salt...

                                          Grilled both sides of the eels...

             When the eels were grilled, used the scissors to cut it into pieces...

            In Korea, sliced gingers are served when we have eels cuisine...

Put a piece of grilled eel on a piece of marinated perilla leaf,place the sliced garlic and sliced ginger on top of it, wrap it together,that is how we eat...

               After having the grilled eels, we had "Jangeo=tang"/Eel soup...

                                           Noodles were served too...


                                       At the entrance of the restaurant...

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