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"Yongeun Jeon"/Lotus Roots Pancake /莲藕煎饼 /연근전

"Yongeun Jeon"/Lotus Roots Pancake /莲藕煎饼 /연근전 Vegetable
2014/03/25 12:06

In Korean, we call lotus roots as " yongeun"/연근...

There are many kinds of Jeon available in Korea,such as kimchi jeon(김치전, made with kimchi), pajeon(파전,made with green onion),gamjajeon(감자전,made with grated potato), etc. 

Today, I am going to use lotus roots  as main ingredient for making " Yongeun Jeon"/Lotus Roots  Pancake/莲藕煎饼/연근전.

 在韩国有不同种类的煎饼,例如 :泡菜煎饼,青葱煎饼,马铃薯煎饼等。 今天,我是采用莲藕为主要的材料来做“莲藕煎饼。。。。

Jeon is made with various ingredients such as sliced meatspoultryseafood, and vegetables depending on the style and mixed with flour batter or coated with egg batter and then pan-fried with oil.
Jeon is commonly eaten as an appetizer, as banchan (small side dishes), or as anju (food to eat while drinking). Jeon is also served as an important food for jesasang (제사상, 祭祀床, ceremonial table setting for jesaancestor worship) and janchi (hangul: 잔치, feast, or festival). The jeon used for jesa is called gannap (hangul: 간납, hanja: 干納 or 肝納) or gannam (hangul: 간남, hanja: 肝南) which is made with beef liveromasum, or fish along with vegetables and green onions on a skewer.
Jeon are sometimes eaten as a sweet dessert; one such variety is called hwajeon (literally "flower jeon").Bindaetteok (mung bean pancake), pajeon (green onion pancake), and kimchijeon are popular jeon in South Korea. The jeon name commonly follows its main ingredient.
(source: wikipedia)

lotus roots 500 g
one red pepper
two green pepper
spring onion/green onion 50 g
frying flour 6 Tsp ​
enoki mushroom 90 g
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper powder​
water (please adjust accordingly, to make the above ingredients as batter ...)

Method :

1. Chop the  lotus roots,enoki mushroom , red pepper,green pepper,spring onion as small as possible.( or you may grind the lotus roots )

2. Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

3. Heat a pan over medium heat and add cooking oil. Slowly drop the batter by spoonful in the frying flour before you place it on the fry pan.

4. Pan fry until golden brown on both sides.

5. Serve hot with vinegar soy sauce or tomato sauce.

莲藕 500 g
红辣椒 1 条
青辣椒  2 条
青葱 50克
面粉 6 大汤匙
金针菇 90 g
水 (水的分量,只要能将以上的材料调成糊状就行了)

1. 将莲藕,红辣椒,青辣椒,青葱切成小粒状,越细越好。(或者将莲藕磨碎)

2. 将所有的材料混均。

3. 平锅中加入油,油热后,用汤匙将面糊倒入平锅内;一汤匙一汤匙的倒入,直到面糊用完为止。

4. 将两面煎至金黄色即可。

5. 可沾上酱清醋 或番茄酱享用。最好是乘热吃。

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