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“Bu-geot-guk" Dried Pollock Soup/明太鱼汤/북엇국

“Bu-geot-guk" Dried Pollock Soup/明太鱼汤/북엇국 Soup And Stew
2012/12/14 21:37  

In Korea, most of the Korean men they like to drink the "Bu-geot-guk"/Dried Pollock Soup after drinking much  wine or liquor...


Dried pollock is available at the Korean supermarket.

Shred the dried pollock into bite-sized.

Mix the egg,dried pollock,green onion in a bowl.

This soup is boiling...

radish 150 g
dried pollock 50 g
2 eggs
dried anchovies 6 pieces
water 1000 ml
chopped green onion 1  Tsp
sesame oil  1 1/2 Tsp
salt, to taste
a pinch of pepper

Method :

1. Shred the dried  pollock into bite-sized. Wash and drain it.

2. Cut the radish into 3 cm cubes, 0.5 mm thick.

3. Preheat the pot ,add in the sesame oil, stir fry the dried pollock.

4. In a bowl, stir the eggs with fork, add in the dried pollock, green onion, mix well.

5. To prepare the broth, pour the water in a cooking pot, add in the dried anchovies, boil for about 20 minutes with medium heat.

6. After 20 minutes, remove the dried anchovies from the broth.

7. Add in the radish, add in the dried pollock mixture by using a spoon, one spoon by one spoon as shown in the above picture. Keeping on boiling.

8. Cook till well done, While the soup is boiling, add in salt, it depends on your taste.

9. Pour the soup into a soup bowl, dust with pepper.

10. Serve hot.

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