Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Oak-su-su-hyeon-mi-bap"(Brown rice with corn)/玉米糙米饭/옥수수현미밥

2012/12/13 19:38  

Korean like to cook rice with many different kinds of grains, to enjoy for its nutritious and healthful benefits.
In Korea, we do use the fresh corns ( not the canned sweet corns) to cook with rice. Korean do like to eat brown rice instead of white rice. Have you ever tasted the glutinous brown rice from Korea ? Brown rice and glutinous brown rice are the perfect match, is very delicious....

在韩国,韩国人也用新鲜的玉米(不是罐头甜玉米) 来煮饭。白米饭与糙米饭,韩国人比较喜欢后者。您可嚐过韩国的糯米糙米? 糙米与糯米糙米是非常好的搭配,非常的好吃。。。

brown rice 100 g
glutinous rice 40 g
fresh corns  50 g

Method :

1. Wash the fresh corns and drain. Set aside.

2. Wash the brown  rice , glutinous rice  and drain . Add in fresh corns.

3. Transfer rice mixture into electric rice cooker and pour in the water. Leave rice to cook till dry and grainy.

4. Serve hot. 

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