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Chicory Salad/凉拌菊苣/치커리 걸절이

Chicory Salad/凉拌菊苣/치커리 걸절이 Salad / Fruit
2013/02/22 20:50  

Chicory, also called endive or curly endive, is more "crunchy" then lead lettuce, but is a slightly bitter tasting  salad green.....

Common chicory is also known as blue sailors, succory, and coffeeweed. It is also called "cornflower", although that name is more commonly applied to Centaurea cyanus. Common names for varieties of var. foliosum include endive, radicchio, Belgian endive, French endive, red endive, sugarloaf and witloof or witlof.
(source : wikipedia)

菊苣,又稱苦苣苦菜,(學名Cichorium intybus

chicory 50 g
cherry tomato 5 pieces

Korean soy bean sauce 1 Tsp
vinegar 1 Tsp
water 1 Tsp
red pepper powder  1/2 tsp
sesame oil 1 tsp
roasted sesame seeds 1 tsp


1. Wash the chicory, rinse and drain.

2. cut the  each of the cherry tomato into half.

3. You may cut the chicory into bite-size if it is too long,otherwise, is not necessary.

4. Mix all the seasonings well.

5.Place the chicory and cherry tomato in the mixing bowl, pour in the seasonings and mix it well before serve.

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