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" Seasoned Chwinamul" Seasoned Aster Scaber/凉拌“Chwinamul”/취나물무침

" Seasoned Chwinamul" Seasoned Aster Scaber/凉拌“Chwinamul”/취나물무침 Vegetable
2013/02/15 11:22 

In Korea, "Chwinamul"/추l나물 is also a good ingredient for bibimbap. We can get the fresh and dried "Chwinamul" from the supermarkets...

Chwinamul (also spelled chuinamul or chinamul) is a Korean leaf vegetable. It consists of the leaves of various species of wild flowering plants, including Aster scaber. There are approximately 24 edible varieties in Korea of which most are found on mountains. The leaves have a distinctive scent and their consumption is believed to be healthful, as they are full of protein, calcium, vitamins B1·B2, niacin, and iron. They are often sauteed until they wilt and served as a banchan (side dish), included in dishes such as bibimbap, and even used for medicinal purposes.
  • Chamchwi (참취): The most common variety. Young sprouts are eaten.]
  • Gaemichwi (개미취): Young sprouts are eaten, stalk and roots are used in traditional medicine.
  • Gaksichwi (각시취): Young sprouts are eaten.
  • Miyeokchwi (미역취): Young sprouts are eaten, whole plant is used in traditional medicine.
  • Gomchwi (곰취): Young leaves are eaten, the roots are used in traditional medicine.

 Dishes made with chwinamul

  • Chwinamul bokkeum (취나물 볶음) : A stir-fried bokkeum dish. Seasoned with a sauce of ganjang, chopped scallions, minced garlic, sugar, sesame oil, sesame seeds and pepper.
  • Chwinamul kimchi (취나물 김치) : Kimchi made from chwinamul.
  • Sanchaejeon (산채전) : A jeon made with chwinamul, ballon flower root, and gobi.
  • Insam chwinamul (인삼 취나물): Chwinamul mixed with parboiled ginseng.
  • Gomchwi jangajji (곰취 장아찌): A jangajji made from gomchwi.
  • Chwissam (취쌈): Ssam of chwinamul. Minced pork, ballon flower root, green chili pepper, bracken and carrots wrapped in a chwinamul leaf and tied with wild chives.
  • Chwitteok (취떡): Flat round tteok made from chwinamul and brushed with sesame oil
  • (source : wikipedia)

There are the fresh " Chwinamul"....

"Chwinamul" 150 g
minced garlic 1 Tsp
chopped green onion 1 tsp
sesame oil 1/2 Tsp
roasted sesame seeds 1/2 tsp
a pinch of red chilli powder
a pinch of salt

Method :

1. Trim the " Chwinamul" and wash it.

2. Boil the water.

3. Blanch the ' Chwinamul" in boiling water, remove from the boiling water when the stems turn soft.

4. Put the "Chwinamul" in your palms and press out the water.

5. Put the "Chwinamul" in a big bowl, add in garlic,green onion,sesame oil,sesame seeds,red pepper powder and a pinch of salt.

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