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"Nabak Kimchi"/萝卜高丽菜水泡菜/나박김치

"Nabak Kimchi"/萝卜高丽菜水泡菜/나박김치 Kimchi
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Dear friends, have you ever tasted the " Nabak Kimchi"? It goes well with rice cake and porridge..when you don't have appetite to eat, this kimchi will be a good choice for you...
朋友们,您可曾嚐过“Nabak Kimchi” ?它与韩式米糕,粥一起享用,那是很好的配搭。。。若您没胃口,这道泡菜是最佳选择之一。。。

Nabak kimchi is a watery kimchi, similar to dongchimi, in Korean cuisine. It is made of thinly sliced Korean white radish and Napa cabbage (called baechu, hangul 배추, in Korean) into a rectangular shape as main ingredients and salted them with mixed vegetables and spices such as cucumber, scallion, water dropwort (called "minari", 미나리 in Korean), garlic, ginger, red chilies, chili pepper powder, sugar, salt, and water.
Nabak gimchi looks similar to dongchimi in form but is commonly consumed during spring and summer, whereas dongchimi is most commonly eaten in winter. Besides, chili pepper powders is added to make nabak kimchi and makes the kimchi color a rose pink unlike the white colored dongchimi.
The term nabak originated from nabaknabak (hangul 나박나박) which is an adverb in Korean language and means "making flattened or slicing thinly".
( source : wikipedia)

some of the ingredients....

I put the Korean pear,garlic,ginger,red pepper powder,glutinous rice paste in a mixer for grinding.....

Mix the ground ingredients with the salted water ( before strained)..

Sprinkle some coarse salt on the napa cabbages,daikons and carrots( except green onion and pear)

"Clean and natural flavor" salted water, I call it " Kimchi Juice"

Ingredients :
napa cabbage ( please chose the inner part of the leaves and in yellow color) 230 g
carrot 150 g
Korean pear ( the color of the pear is light brown color) 200 g
green onion 20 g
( P/s:  You can also add in the water dropwort,red chilli,sliced ginger & garlic)
1   Tsp coarse salt

Ingredients for " Kimchi Juice":
water 8 cups
minced ginger 1 Tsp
minced garlic 1 Tsp
Korean pear 300 g
sugar 15 g
salt 10 g
red pepper powder 2 Tsp ( please use those soft & thin powder,the taste will be better)
glutinous rice paste ( 2 Tsp glutinous rice powder, 1 1/2 cups of water )
cider 180 ml ( Some Korean do add in cider, is optional )

Method :

1. Chop the leaves of the napa cabbages, wash and drain.

2. Slice the daikon and Korean pear into thin rectangular pieces.

3. Slice the carrot.

4. Sprinkle the coarse salt on the napa cabbages, daikons and carrots,toss it gently. Set aside for 15 - 30 minutes. ( you may add in some more salt, please adjust it according to your taste)

5. Cut the green onion into 3 cm long & slice the Korean pear into thin rectangular pieces. Set aside.

6. Prepare the glutinous rice paste, it should not be too sticky, should be in watery form, so that it is easy to dissolve in the water.

7. Pour 8 cups of water in a container or big bowl, add in sugar and  salt .

8. Put the garlic,ginger,pear,red pepper powder,glutinous rice paste in a mixer and grind it well.

9. Put the ground mixture in a dry cloth bag,wave gently in the salt water. Take out the bag when the water turns red, it will be clean and natural flavor. I call it " Kimchi juice"

10. Add in 180 ml cider ( optional) and some more salt to adjust the taste.

11. Add in the marinated napa cabbages,carrots and daikons .

12. Finally, add in pear and green onion.

13. Keep it in a container for one day under the room temperature before you store it in the fridge. It takes a few days to ferment.

(p/s: 1.Please don't use the coarse salt to marinate the pear and green onion or water dropwort.
        2.Please don't use those coarse red pepper powder, try to use the soft and thin powder, then, the taste will be better and the color of the " kimchi juice" is beautiful)

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