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Choux / 泡芙/슈 Bakery

Choux / 泡芙/슈 Bakery
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On the 28th Nov 2012, I did posted the recipe of " Choux" in my blog. This is another version...

在 28-11-2012,我曾介绍过烘焙泡芙的食谱。 这是另一有关食谱。。。

A profiterole, cream puff (US) or choux à la crème is a choux pastry ball filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, or (particularly in the US) ice cream. The puffs may be decorated or left plain or garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar.
In some areas the term profiterole is used for small versions filled with whipped ice cream and topped with chocolate although the usage varies and can include other fillings.

The choux paste is piped through a pastry bag or dropped with a pair of spoons into small balls and baked to form largely hollow puffs. After cooling these are injected with filling using a pastry bag and narrow piping tip, or slicing off the top, filling, and reassembling.

The most common presentations are pastry cream, whipped cream, or ice cream filling, topped with powdered sugar or chocolate sauce. They are also served plain, with a crisp caramel glaze, iced, or with fruit.

Filled and glazed with caramel, they are assembled into a type of pièce montée called croquembouches, often served at weddings in France and Italy, and during the Christmas Holiday in France. Profiteroles are also used as the outer wall of St. Honoré Cake.

The origin of both the pastry and its name profiterole is obscure.
The word profiterole (also spelled prophitrole, profitrolle, profiterolle) has existed in English since the 16th century, borrowed from French. The original meaning in both English and French is unclear, but later it came to mean a kind of roll 'baked under the ashes'. A 17th-century French recipe for a Potage de profiteolles or profiterolles describes a soup of dried small breads (presumably the profiteroles) simmered in almond broth and garnished with cockscombs, truffles, and so on.


( source : wikipedia)

Boil the milk,butter,sugar,salt and water in a pot.,turn off the fire when it is boiled.

Add in the flour..

Stir it well...,turn on the fire again, stir it well till in " transparent" form,turn off the fire again.

Add in the eggs, one by one...

Squeeze the dough out from the pastry bag...

Ingredients :
baking flour 150 g
water 250 ml
butter 80 g
sugar  1 Tsp
salt 1/8 tsp
4 eggs
baking powder 1 tsp

Method :

1. Sieve the flour. Set aside.

2. Put the milk,butter,sugar,salt and water in a pot, boil it medium heat,turn off the heat.

3. Add in flour to (2),quickly stir. Turn on heat again, low heat, continue stirring the mixture until the dough in " transparent" form. Turn off the heat again.

4. Add in the eggs, one by one...blend it.

5. Add in the baking powder.

6. Place the dough in a pastry bag fitted with a tip . Squeeze it out about 3cm diameter each

7. Spray the water on the surface of the dough by using a spray , before you put it in the oven.

8. Bake at preheat oven at 190 degree C ( may be you need to adjust the degree according to your oven ) until golden brown.  Please don't open the door of the oven before it is well baked.

9. Till cool. Serve it with custard cream or whipping cream, you can add in some fruits too. Put in the refrigerator for storage, it will be more delicious.

Ingredients for preparing the custard cream :
fresh milk 500 ml
corn starch 10 g
5 yolks
sugar 100 g
flour 40 g

Method :
Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. stir it well. Strain the  mixture once to get smooth texture. Pour it in a cooking ware, boil it with low heat, keep on stirring till well done. Till cool, put in the refrigerator for storage.   

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