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" Dallae Oi Muchim"/ 凉拌单花韭和黄瓜/달래오이무침

" Dallae Oi Muchim"/ 凉拌单花韭和黄瓜/달래오이무침 Vegetable 
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Spring is in the air, now is the season to enjoy those vegetables available in spring..." Dallae" is one of them....

Allium monanthum (Korean: dallae, 달래) is a small wild onion found in the woodlands of Korea. It is also known as Korean Wild Chive.

单花韭学名Allium monanthum)是葱科葱属的植物。分布于朝鲜日本以及中国大陆吉林河北黑龙江辽宁等地,生长于海拔100米至800米的地区,多生长于山坡以及林下,目前已由人工引种栽培
(source : wikipedia)

" Dallae:/单花韭/달래

Slice the cucumber...

Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl...

Ingredients :
"Dallae" 달래  200 g
 1 cucumber
 minced garlic 1 tsp
Korean soy bean sauce 1 Tsp
Korean red pepper paste 2 Tsp
red pepper powder 1 Tsp
vinegar  2 Tsp
sesame oil  1 Tsp
corn syrup  1 1/2 Tsp
roasted sesame seeds  1 Tsp

Method :

1. Wash the "Dallae" and drain.

2. Cut the "Dallae" into about 4 cm long.

3. Cut the cucumber in half length wise and sliced thin.

4. Place the "Dallae",cucumber and all other ingredients in a mixing bowl.

5. Mix it well and serve.


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