Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Jap-chae- Kim- Ma-Ri" Korean Style Vermicelli Roll/韩式通心粉卷/잡채김말이

"Jap-chae- Kim- Ma-Ri" Korean Style Vermicelli Roll/韩式通心粉卷/잡채김말이 Rice/Noodles
2013/04/02 21:59  

For those readers who like the Korean food, I believe that they know about the "Japchae"/Korean style vermicelli. In Korea, Korean style vermicelli rolls are available at the snack stores. The recipe for "Japchae" is already in my blog, so, I am not going to introduce it again. If you don't know how to make "Japchae". please refer to " 韩式通心粉/Korean style vermicelli/잡채 which is classified under the title of " Rice /noodles".
You may purposely cook this dish for making this rolls or after you have eaten vermicelli, there is still have some more left,  then,you can use it to make another dish,that is Korean style vermicelli roll...... 

对于喜爱韩食的读者,我相信她们都懂得“韩式通心粉”。 在韩国,在一些小食店可以买到韩式通心粉卷。“韩世通心粉”的食谱已曾在我的blog中介绍过了,所以不再重覆。 如果您不懂得如何烹调这道菜,请参考 Rice / Noodles 栏里的 “韩式通心粉/Korean style vermicelli/잡채"。
您可以特意煮了韩式通心粉来做这韩式通心粉卷, 或者您已煮了韩式通心粉,还吃剩下一些,那可以拿它来做出另一道小食,那就是 “韩式通心粉卷。。。。”

Put the "Japchae" on the  "kim"/seaweed ( this“Kim' is the one which we use it to make sushi roll",cut it into half)

Fold the "kim" and seal it with flour starch...

Put the roll in the flour starch before you fry it ...

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