Thursday, April 12, 2012


In Korea, "Dak-to-ri-tang"(닭도리탕)  is also known as " Dak-bok-keum-tang"(닭볶음탕). It  is a spicy chicken dish , cook it together with potatoes, onion and carrot....Eat the gravy of this dish together with the rice, is delicious....

chicken , about 930g
4 big potatoes
1 carrot
1 onion
1 spring onion

Korean red pepper paste 4 Tsp
red pepper powder 1 Tsp
"cheong ju" ( Korean wine, can use "soju" or Chinese plum wine to substitute) 1 Tsp
minced garlic, 1 Tsp
minced ginger. 1 tsp
corn syrup 3 Tsp
pepper powder  1 tsp
soy bean sauce 1 Tsp
sesame oil  1 Tsp
water  100ml

1. Wash and cut the chicken into bite-sizes pieces.

2. Cut each the potato in 3 or 4 pieces, trim the edges( optional).

3. Cut the carrot , trim the edges ( optional).

4. Cut the onion into 4 parts.

5. Cut the spring onion into about  3cm long.

6. Combine seasoning ingredients in a bowl.

7. Pour the seasoning sauce over the chicken, mixing to coat thoroughly. Let marinate for 1 -2 hours.

8. Cook it with medium heat until the chicken and vegetables are done. You may skim the oil from the surface if you think it is oily or you may remove some of the fat from the chicken before cooking.

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