Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stir fry of dried anchovies with shishito pepper/꽈리고추볶음

꽈리고추,( Shishito Pepper)

The pepper is small and finger-ling sized, slender, and thin-walled. It turns from green to red upon ripening, however it is usually harvested while green. The name refers to the fact that the tip of the chili pepper (唐辛子 tōgarashi) looks like the head of a lion (獅子 shishi), and in Japanese it is often abbreviated as shishitō.

While a spicy one exists in one out of ten

It is said to have a high concentration of vitamin C.

For cooking, a hole is poked in the pepper beforehand to avoid expanding hot air from bursting the pepper. It may be skewered then broiled (grilled), or pan-fried in oil, or stewed in soy sauce.  It is think skinned and will blister and char easily compared with thicker skinned varieties.

In Korea, we like to fry shishito pepper with soy sauce, we do poke a hole in the pepper before cooking. For me, I like to slice the shishito pepper into thin pieces, this will well absorb the soy sauce, the taste will be more better.

shishito pepper 70g
anchovies 30g
minced garlic 1 Tsp
water 10 ml
soy bean sauce 10 ml
sugar 5g
cooking oil/olive oil/grape seed oil    1 1/2 Tsp

1. Wash and drain the shishito pepper, slice into thin pieces
2. Remove the head and the intestine of the anchovy, if the anchovy is big.
3. Heat the fry pan, add oil and stirring the garlic.
4. Add in the shishito pepper, fry it for one or two minutes with medium heat.
5. Add in the soy bean sauce, water, sugar, keeping on  stirring.
6. Add in the anchovies, keep on stirring and let it sizzle until the liquid evaporates with low heat. Make sure that the shishito peppers turn soft and absorb the gravy, otherwise it is tasteless. You may add in one or two more tea spoon   of water to cook it if the shishito peppers are not soft enough yet. Or you may add in some more soy bean sauce if you think it is not salty, it depends on your taste.

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