Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crab Cucumber Roll/蟹肉黄瓜卷/게맛살오이롤

Crab Cucumber Roll/蟹肉黄瓜卷/게맛살오이롤 Rice/Noodles
2013/03/08 13:43  

Today, I make the crab cucumber roll with the Korean red pepper paste, if you don't like the spicy food, you may use the mayonnaise to substitute it...


One of the crab meat sticks available at the Korean supermarket ...


Use the peeler to peel  to peel the cucumber as thin as possible, sprinkle some salt on it, set aside for about 15 minutes...

用削刀削黄瓜,越薄越好,撒些盐,醃约 15 分钟。。。。

                                    Boil one egg and chop it...


                 Cut the crab meat sticks for 4 portions and tear it into pieces...


Add in the sugar,vinegar,salt in the rice and stuff it in the mould; if you don't have the mould, you may use your hand...


                                      Make the rice in small long roll...


If you don't like the spicy food, you may use the mayonnaise to substiture the red pepper paste..


cooked rice  1 bowl
1 cucumber
2  crab meat sticks
Korean red pepper paste  2 Tsp or a little more / mayonnaise 2 Tsp or a little more
a pinch of pepper
black sesame seeds ( optional )

seasoning for the rice:
sugar 1 tsp
vinegar 1 Tsp
a pinch of salt

Method :
1. Mix the rice with the sugar,vinegar and salt, stuff the rice in the mould to make short long roll. If you don't have the mould, you may use your hand.

2. Use the peeler to peel the cucumber and sprinkle salt on it, set aside for about 15 minutes.

3. Boil an egg and chop it for small pieces.

4. Cut each of the crab meat stick  for 4 portions,you may use your hand to tear the crab meat sticks.

5. Put the chopped egg, crab meat in a mixing bowl and add in pepper, red pepper paste or mayonnaise .

6. Use the peeled cucumber to roll the rice and place the crab meat mixture on top of it. Garnish it with black sesame seeds (optional).

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