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" Hotteok"/韩式烧饼/호떡

" Hotteok"/韩式烧饼/호떡 Korean Rice Cake
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In South Korea, ready-made dry hotteok mix is commercially available  at the supermarket .The mix also comes with a filling consisting of brown sugar and ground peanuts or sesame seeds. It is very easy to make......
It is really good to have a piece of hot Hotteok in winter...Please enjoy the Hotteok while it is still hot, otherwise, it will not be  delicious...


Hotteok is a variety of filled Korean pancake, and is a popular street food of South Korea. It is usually eaten during the winter season.

The types of hotteok have been changing continuously although many favour the traditional cinnamon and peanut filling. Many variations have developed since the early 21st century, such as green tea hotteok, pink bokbunja hotteok, corn hotteok, and more.
 Commercial "hotteok" products are developed and and sold by companies "Samyang", "Ottogi" and "CJ". The products are designed to be able to cook at home.

The dough for hotteok is made from wheat flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast. The dough is allowed to rise for several hours. Handful-sized balls of this stiff dough are filled with a sweet mixture, which may contain brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon. The filled dough is then placed on a greased griddle, and pressed flat into a large circle with a special tool with a stainless steel circle and wooden handle as it cooks.
(source: wikipedia)

These are some Hotteok mix available at the Korean supermarket...

Mix all the ingredients,add in the filling and make it for small balls...

Use the spatula to flatten the dough...

Pan fry it till both sides are golden brown colour..

one package of Hotteok mix
cooking oil


1. Add the yeast to the lukewarm water,  thorougly dissolved.

2. Mix the flour and the yeast, knead it for 5- 10 minutes, to form an elastic  dough.

3. Divide the dough into small balls.

4. Flatten the balls respectively.

5. Put the filling on the surface of the dough and seal it, make it to become the balls again.

6. Heat the fry pan with cooking oil,place the dough on the pan, use the spatula to flatten it.

7. Pan fry it till both sides are golden brown colour.

8. Enjoy  the Hotteok while it is still hot.

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